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Your miracle awaits your obedience!

Nothing great for God has ever been done without an act of faith.
Abraham obeying God to leave his land not knowing where he went would be rewarded by a city. A great act of faith never repeated. (Heb 11:8).
Sarah receiving strength to conceive yet passed child bearing age gave birth to a child. A great act of faith never repeated. (Heb11:11).
Moses leading a nation faced a Red Sea. he stood and command the waters to part. An act of faith we all know about in Sunday school. A great act of faith never repeated. (Heb 11:29).
Joshua walking around a city seven times, telling he people to shout the walls down on the seventh circuit.. A great act of faith never repeated. (Hebrews 11:30).
Friend, What great act of faith will you do?
Notice faith is an act we do. God takes care of the miracle. In fact he will turn your act of obedience into something no man will forget. I see a new boldness coming to you to do that which has preciously evaded you. “This time your faith will stand tall and you will speak to your wall” you will command your read sea, you will conceive that which is impossible. Your miracle awaits your obedience. The miracle awaits your act of faith!

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