Your Destiny has no Comparison

Today’s world is full of challenges, particularly in ministry. Competing and comparing. We look at others and think I wish I had a ministry like Jimmy swaggart or like TD Jakes. Why hasn’t God given me a church like that or a TV ministry like that?

I know however that if I had what they have I would be frustrated because their assignment does not match my passion. The good news, this my passion is mine and I can take that as far as I can with what Ive got, wherever I am and that if I can get caught up in my passion then what other people are doing wont intimidate me or distract me. Don’t think that what you have is any less significant than what these great men of God have. Your objectives cannot be measured against theirs and therefore you cannot compare your success to theirs either. And while they are at their peak you are not, you have space to move and shift and grow whats yours, whats new and whats new. That’s the challenge for you and the open door too. Now i’m comfortable with that! and if you are too then you can keep your eyes on your open door, take your own passion and let your own life count.

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