William Booth was a strong Salvationist preacher who demanded folks come to the altar and make public confession of their faith with repentance. His work according to Begbie’s (William Booth Vol 2 Page 4) “recalled us to this lost ideal of the work of the church-“the universal compulsion of the souls of men.”  for “he preaches doctrines that fill the face of the believer with light and radiance, and he is no less thorough in enforcing a complete reform of life.” (Begbies’s William Booth Vol 1 pp451,452). There could said Booth be no salvation for sinful man without a new birth. and as a result set a standard of both adherence to doctrine and proclamation salvation. He therefore decided that every would be soldier sign “articles of war” a simple wording declaration containing, (1). a profession of personal experience of salvation  (2)  A pledge of separation from the world and of loyalty to Jesus Christ (3) A pledge of allegiance to the army (4) An expression of faith in the possibility of holy living and (5) Abstinence from drink and drugs. (The Salvation Army, it’s origin and development. Salvationist Publishing. (p18).

Todays church accommodates the indifferences of society to the church through seeker sensitive gatherings.  Booth however knew the secret of facing the waywardness of a generation with an equally greater and contrasting force, that of order and godliness. A secret no more visible than in his own generation.

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