Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Who Are The Dead?


My first question

Who are the dead?

Isn’t that obvious brother Paul?

No, and the reason is this if the dead were as real to us as the buried dead then we would see more “raising of the dead!”

I want to challenge you to see soul’s as God sees thema and have the same passion to raise the dead.

Secondly What is death?

Death is not only a cessation of existence but it is a separation from God. Ponder this deeply. I’ll not waste words. Anyone separated from God is dead. Since God is life, then anyone separated from God is dead!

Even Jesus, did not want separation from the father. At Gethsemane he prayed, “Father let this cup pass from.” It was not that he was afraid to die, No! He had already faced death and called Lazarus forth. He had previously entered into death and said “Dorcas arise.” So death to him was already conquered. What he feared was not death but rather separation from the Father.

Now separation from the Father is death, it is the cessation of all life to that man, being unable to enter into the life, the God kind of life which is the only LIFE worth living on this planet. To be separated from God is death itself. And you don’t have to be in your grave to be separated from God. Without God a man can walk talk and bethe but every walk is wasted and evbery breth is pointless if he has not God LIFE. Jesus said “I AM the LIFE,” Yes he is life and since he is “life” then you will never be more dead than what you are right now if you do not know him as God.

Jesus said that knowing the Father and the Son was eternal life. (John 17;3)”Believing” in God itself, is not a sign of eternal life, a  man can believe in God and not know God. It is the “knowing God” that is eternal life. Again if knowing God is life then a man who does not know God is dead. Dead in trespasses and sins.

This revelation must be real to us, we must see that a dead man is just as dead as one who is buried in the very dirt he came from. This man while walking, talking and breathing has no life of Christ and is as good as dead. No undertaker here to pronounce him dead. God the creator himself by his own definition of dead, pronounces him dead. that is dead o narrival. The moment he is born he is born dead.

Such as undestanding is neccessary for if I cannot define death among those who are alive then how can I be a witness to them, what can I say to those who walk in prosperity  walk in good jobs, walk in success that this world gives them, why they have other gods who have given them life. Friend if I cannot see the sinner as God sees them then I myself will never have a passion to raise the dead.

Some think the demonstration of God’s power, is to raise those who are dead from their grave, yet themselves do not cry for the souls of those who walk in the valley of death every moment of the day around us, living next door to us, seated among us in Costas and Starbucks, driving cars alongside us on highways, serving goods to us in food-stores, every day we are like Ezekiel in and among the valleys of dry bones. O for us to see the world as dead as much as we see the deceased as dead.

I chose not to enter into the folly of raising those whom the Lord has put to sleep. Sure the Lord done it as an example to us of what death is, its asleep. yes death is a sleep.One who is not aware of the life of Christ that is available to him. To that he is asleep

Now our ministry to raise the dead. now do you know that kind of death, is it a revelation to you that a man walking without God is just as dead as a dead man laying as a corpse. oh I  know that this thought may not excite you because we are addicted to the sign and wonders yet friend we are overlooking truth. we like Elijah have dead children in front of us.

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