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The Sound of Rain

I woke up this morning and heard the sound of rain, yes it’s raining outside. I got up sat at my desk opened my window and rather than listen to music I listen to the sound of rain. there’s something about the sound of falling water that calms the soul. It’s amazing In the heat, its harder to concentrate and stay, but when the rain falls, revelation comes with it.

After three years of drought, nothing happening, food shortage, nothing growing in the fields, Elijah said to Ahab, Get you up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.… (1 kings 18;41-46). Elijah heard its sound.  Maybe you have been listening to the sound of the media lately, world news forecasting a dry season, economically, globally. In a dry season problems are magnified and man is mystified, I don’t know about you, i’m hearing something different from another source today. I hearing something form heaven. That’s the true news, that which ca only come from above.  Can you hear the sound from heaven, the sound of  refreshing, revival, revitalisation? The air is different today,  can you smell the aroma of freshness is arises from the dampened soil. Yes earth awakes as it receives rain and so will you and so will I. The refreshing has arrived. If you can hear it you shall see it! NO MORE DRY SEASON. The rain has come, Enjoy it, it’s revival time.

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