The Danger of Mediocrity

Mediocrity is compromise.
Mediocrity is leaving things unsaid.
Mediocrity is leaving unsaid the very thing you should have said first.
Mediocrity is doing enough just to get by, rather than giving it all to change the world.
Mediocrity is fitting in with the system in order to please the many that may well be wrong.
Mediocrity is not going half way its avoiding the very step you should have taken to go all the way.
Mediocrity is avoiding the one thing that could change everything.
Mediocrity is living with a fixed mindset rather doing something bigger out of a growth mindset.
To get out of something meaningless I have to step into that which God has set before me, thats the only way to get out of mediocrity. You don’t improve it you step out of it. Take on a new challenge and invest your gift somewhere else.

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