The Church of God (2)

General Subject
Stewards of The Mysteries of God

Message One
The Church of God (2)
Scripture Reading 1 Peter.

To Grow spiritually one must Be active in the kingdom and a part of the local church.

1. The Church, Without God, Cannot Claim to be of God.
Since however it has God it can claim to be of God.
Because it is born of God and has God as its father, the church is a manifestation of God in the flesh (1 Tim 3:16). The church has its doctrine his character his passion and his mission. It reflects the father and his heart.

2. The Church Because It is of God, Has God as its father
..and hence God as its author it can demonstrate God in its nature, by the manifestation of spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12 1 Cor 14). Because it has the power of God it reveals the justice of God through its righteousness and holiness.

3. The Church Because it has God, has the Nature of God,
The Church Because it has God, has the Nature of God, the truth and the life of God. God is light and the church is light we exist as a lighthouse to those whose life is a storm, we exist as a lamp to those who sit in darkness and have no hope.
God the dew of Hebron is reflective in the church which arises in the morning after the dark cold night like the dew on the lowlands. She hides the morning and slowly rises to reveal the majesty of God’s moment hour upon hour, to those who behold her glory and story.
God is our Rock and so the church must reflect Christ stability and comfort in a world of instability and upheaval. We reveal God the rock (Ps 19:14. Deut 32, 4,15,18,30,31).
As God is a pillar of fire by night so to the church seeks to reflect God’s power and passion through the preaching of his word, Thy word was as fire shut up in my bones.  When we preach we show the fire of God in our bones

4. The Church Because it has God as it’s Saviour, has its gospel.
There are many churches that teach another gospel and another Jesus they don’t preach the faith once delivered. Neither do they preach the gospel of Peter and Paul. They use their texts and tell their story but they have no revelation like the apostles had, hence they preach another doctrine and another gospel and another Jesus.

5. The Church Because it has God as its Pillar has God as its Power
The Church Because it has God as its Pillar, has God as its Power and as such demonstrates the miracle power of the living God (1 Tim 3:16). The object, subject and topic of the church is God himself (1 Cor 3:16,17) The household of God is made up of many sons of God (Rom 8:29) Because the house of God is God’s house, he lives in it, and the church is alive in him. Because the House of God is his house no man can be be said to be head of the house except God. Man can buy and building yet god alone can purchase the church (Acts 20;28)
The church manifests the power of God through miracles and healings.
The church manifests the justice of God through its righteousness and holiness.

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