The Bible Way to Mental wellness.

The daily study and meditation of scriptures is essential for one’s health and personal well being.
“But for you hold fast to that which you have received”
(2 Thess 2;15). To hold fast, to own as if it’s Gold. To cling to as if it’s a lifebuoy. To keep in view as if it’s a lighthouse. The study of scriptures is necessary in todays turbulent world. GREAT PEACE have they that love thy law. The embrace of the scriptures is necessary in todays “offended” generation. Great peace have they that Love thy law and NOTHING shall offend them. (Psalm 119;165). Peace an absent commodity in todays world, the absence of which opens the door to all kinds of physical, emotional and mental sickness. The Aramaic version states, “Great is the peace of those who love your Law and they have no sickness. The key to mental togetherness is The study of the Word of God

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