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Asking Jesus into your Heart?

By Paul B Thomas

Asking Jesus into your Heart, where is that in the bible?

Did Jesus ever command us to invite him into our hearts?
Where are we told in scripture that inviting Jesus into ones heart is necessary for salvation?
Is there any one person in Acts or anywhere in the bible that invited Jesus into their heart?

There are some that “preach repentance only and that if a man repents of his sins then he is saved. But was anyone saved the other side of Calvary after salvation was made available that tells us that men are saved by simple repentance? Sure John preached repentance for the remission of sins but that was before Calvary and before a man could be born of water and spirit (John 3:5). After Calvary, salvation was available for the remission allusions as the blood of Jesus provided this phenomena.  without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins (Hebrews 9:22).

Acts 2:38 fulfil’s the command of Jesus. In John 3:5 Jesus said a man must be born of water and Spirit. Both water and spirit are baptisms that take place at repentance.

In Acts 2 Peter who had the keys to salvation given him by Jesus preached the first salvation message to the Jews and those form all nations of the then known world declaring, “Repent and be baptised  every one of you in the name fo Jesus for the remission sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is the born again experience in full. All who were saved in Acts followed this pattern as it was given by Jesus and preached by the apostles (Acts 10:44-47).

Have you been baptised for the remission of sins? there is no remission of sins without the acceptance of baptism Jesus, the one who resists all sins and indeed baptises us when we call on his name. Baptism is a burial, the old man with its sins  is buried in the watery grave and the new man with the new life arises up out of it, in the power of the Holy Ghost. If you want the power like Peter had it and Paul had it then we have to experience it like they had it.  and we can yes we can.

“Repent and be baptised every one of you for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” (Acts 2:38). it is the way to fulness of power and fulness of salvation and the fulness of revelation of who Jesus is.

FURTHER INFO: For more info on re-baptism why not purchase  Acts 2:38 Salvation  AND also available from Amazon  9 Reasons why you should be baptised into Jesus Name. These books will encourage you in the truth and if you are a preacher they will be a source of sound doctrine and change the way you preach the gospel, for ever. Conforming to the apostles teaching, you too will teach with power and conviction and truth.


Rebaptism is this for me?

By Paul B Thomas

Q. When I joined my church, I was baptised with the phrase “I now baptise you in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost” spoken over me should I then be re-baptized in the name of Jesus?

A. There is one Lord one faith and one baptism. As you may know the studies here persistently follow the apostles doctrine and for this reason. I seek to obey the Lord! My passion is to preach it like the apostles taught it in order to see what they saw take place in my life, ministry and city. If we follow Jesus would want to obey him. and why not! It is his gospel. Hence my answer to your question is do everything that needs to be done in order to obey Jesus.

A man must be baptized into the name and the one who bears it.  We see souls baptized into the name in the book of Acts. Baptism more than an initiation, its a covenant and we aught to know who exactly we are coming into covenant with. Secondly baptism is not where one is placed into an organisation or position, baptism is where a man or woman comes into Christ.  We are baptised into Christ (Romans 6:3) this is why we take on Christ’s name which is Jesus. This is important, we do it to enter into one’s family, the family that bears his name, hence we embrace Jesus name at baptism, coming into covenant with it and entering the family that bear it.

In Acts 19:1-10 the folks at Ephesus were baptized into Johns baptism. Johns baptism was for the “a baptism unto repentance” (Matthew 3:11) It could not give a man eternal life. Jesus had not died and therefore salvation was not available but John preached a message of baptism “for the remission of sins” (Acts 2:38) or leading up to the new birth. John himself said there was one coming after him who “he did not know” (V33) but Peter in Acts exhorts those that did know him to be baptized into the name (Acts 2:38). So baptism in the name of Jesus is for those who know Jesus as both Lord and God. So one can be baptized again or re-baptized into the name of Jesus and here is the example.

Paul asked the Ephesian believers, the question, into what then were you baptised” and they said “Johns baptism” Then Paul said, “John indeed baptised with a baptism of repentance saying to the people that they should believe on him who should come after him that is on Jesus Christ. When they heard this they were baptized in the name of the lord Jesus” (Acts 19:6).

Remember also that John baptized many folks and that there is every possibility that those on the day of Pentecost who were followers and disciples of both John and Jesus were re-baptized into the name also (Acts 2:38).

Many today are baptized after repentance, Just like those at Ephesus. They heard a message of repentance and repented and then were baptized but not into the name. They were not baptized into the name because they had no revelation of Jesus as God or a revelation that baptism is for the remission of all sins (Acts 2:38).

Re-baptism gives us a great new opportunity to start over. God has a new start for you. If your Christian walk was shallow then receive the revelation of Jesus and his name. When a man discovers that Jesus and the importance of the name he becomes unstoppable. Be re-baptized, it will change your life and walk with God.

For more info on re-baptism why not purchase  Acts 2:38 Salvation  AND also available from Amazon  9 Reasons why you should be baptised into Jesus Name. These books will encourage you in the truth and if you are a preacher they will be a source of sound doctrine and change the way you preach the gospel, for ever. Conforming to the apostles teaching, you too will teach with power and conviction and truth.


Who Are The Dead?


My first question

Who are the dead?

Isn’t that obvious brother Paul?

No, and the reason is this if the dead were as real to us as the buried dead then we would see more “raising of the dead!”

I want to challenge you to see soul’s as God sees thema and have the same passion to raise the dead.

Secondly What is death?

Death is not only a cessation of existence but it is a separation from God. Ponder this deeply. I’ll not waste words. Anyone separated from God is dead. Since God is life, then anyone separated from God is dead!

Even Jesus, did not want separation from the father. At Gethsemane he prayed, “Father let this cup pass from.” It was not that he was afraid to die, No! He had already faced death and called Lazarus forth. He had previously entered into death and said “Dorcas arise.” So death to him was already conquered. What he feared was not death but rather separation from the Father.

Now separation from the Father is death, it is the cessation of all life to that man, being unable to enter into the life, the God kind of life which is the only LIFE worth living on this planet. To be separated from God is death itself. And you don’t have to be in your grave to be separated from God. Without God a man can walk talk and bethe but every walk is wasted and evbery breth is pointless if he has not God LIFE. Jesus said “I AM the LIFE,” Yes he is life and since he is “life” then you will never be more dead than what you are right now if you do not know him as God.

Jesus said that knowing the Father and the Son was eternal life. (John 17;3)”Believing” in God itself, is not a sign of eternal life, a  man can believe in God and not know God. It is the “knowing God” that is eternal life. Again if knowing God is life then a man who does not know God is dead. Dead in trespasses and sins.

This revelation must be real to us, we must see that a dead man is just as dead as one who is buried in the very dirt he came from. This man while walking, talking and breathing has no life of Christ and is as good as dead. No undertaker here to pronounce him dead. God the creator himself by his own definition of dead, pronounces him dead. that is dead o narrival. The moment he is born he is born dead.

Such as undestanding is neccessary for if I cannot define death among those who are alive then how can I be a witness to them, what can I say to those who walk in prosperity  walk in good jobs, walk in success that this world gives them, why they have other gods who have given them life. Friend if I cannot see the sinner as God sees them then I myself will never have a passion to raise the dead.

Some think the demonstration of God’s power, is to raise those who are dead from their grave, yet themselves do not cry for the souls of those who walk in the valley of death every moment of the day around us, living next door to us, seated among us in Costas and Starbucks, driving cars alongside us on highways, serving goods to us in food-stores, every day we are like Ezekiel in and among the valleys of dry bones. O for us to see the world as dead as much as we see the deceased as dead.

I chose not to enter into the folly of raising those whom the Lord has put to sleep. Sure the Lord done it as an example to us of what death is, its asleep. yes death is a sleep.One who is not aware of the life of Christ that is available to him. To that he is asleep

Now our ministry to raise the dead. now do you know that kind of death, is it a revelation to you that a man walking without God is just as dead as a dead man laying as a corpse. oh I  know that this thought may not excite you because we are addicted to the sign and wonders yet friend we are overlooking truth. we like Elijah have dead children in front of us.

The Purpose of The Church

By Paul B Thomas


“Church of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:2) “Churches of Christ.” (Romans 16:16). “the church of God” (1 Cor. 1:2), “the churches of Christ” (Rom. 16:16), “the body of Christ” (Col. 1:24), “the church of the living God” (1 Tim. 3:15), and the “church of the firstborn” (Heb. 12:23)

There is no church like the church of God

The church reflects Christ’s passion mission and vision. The church carries out his rule authority and dominion in the earth. The church reveals his will and purpose for the people of the earth and establishes truth by the preaching of his name.

As a church it has:-
A passion for justice
A message for its generation
A heart for the people

1. Church is the place where the bound get free and the

Church is a place where the lame walk and blind see and the poor have the gospel preached into them. Church is a place where the sick are made well and the well are put into families.

2.   Church is where the sinner finds grace and the bound find freedom

Grace in the time of trial. faith in the time of need. hope in the time of conflict and release in the time of pain. family in the time of loss and love in the time of grief. The church the place of divine exchange. Where a man exchanges his mourning for gladness and his pain for the spirit of Joy, there is no place like the church.

The church offers freedom to worship and sing to the Lord. Freedom to pray and rejoice in his goodness.  Freedom to express its opinion and teach its devotion. Free to preach to the sinner and bring instruction. Free to challenge the institution and declare God’s wisdom. Free to instruct the nation and use its platform. There’s no house like the house of God.


3.   Church is where the Lost find a home and the lonely find a family

This man and that man was born in her (Psalms)

men born in Zion. Children are born but the psalmist says men are born here, African men, Indian men, Fijian men, English men, all men, whoever has heard of men being born. We birth men and men are born in Zion. Men become men in Zion and reborn as real men. Men of God

Who has ever heard of diversity in a unified house. In our city we have many nations but there is everything but unity and joy.

No other institution exists where folks of different social orders and education meet and become one, Groups exist for the benefit of those who qualify to join and in joining fit it. They have a common denominator yet the church is distinct, for none of us qualify and none of us fit it. We come here together of all tribes tongues colours and tribes yet call each other sister and brother and sister not by name but by spirit. There’s something in you that’s in me yet we are so different yet also so alike.

No other institution allows members who do not qualify to join. None of us qualify for God’s kingdom welcome to the church of the unqualified. Those who sensing their need for God come to God.

The other day we had a person come into the church. She loved it, went home and told her friends about how she was accepted. Started to read her bible and I helped her understand scriptures. Then a few weeks later she said I want a sex change. I said gracefully, God created you, you and since he created you you he has a purpose for you as you are.  She got offended.  All along I knew the time would come when truth must come forth, either God would bring her inor truth would keep her out. Either way choices have to be made.

No other institution however welcoming is more demanding that the church. The gospel offends and is meant to, we cannot change the gospel for the gospel exists to change us. We don’t create our message, it gives birth and recreates us. It must offend first. If it don’t offend then self-righteousness is seen to have its grip and hold. And only the gospel can deal with hard hearted men

We love visitors but you just can’t visit and not change. You will feel uncomfortable, Church is not a comfort zone, if it’s comfortable church you’re not in church you’re in the world and so is the church you have just entered. Worldly church for compromisers, backsliders, criticisers, complainers and don’t want to be changed ers only. No! we cannot change to accommodate you but if you are willing to change along with us who also are in the process of change, we welcome you, as one of us.

To join one has to change, to worship one has to repent, to preach one has to submit, Come as you are is a joke I cannot come on my terms I come on his. The demand is not mine to make or the conditions mine to enforce. I come upon his terms.

But if you want to dance with me you can
If you want to cry with me you can

There’s no house like the house of God.

For further Study:
Questions to Consider:

For further Study:
Questions to Consider:
Literature: Pauls EBooks on Amazon.

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Origin of the Trinity

It is not a word or or a concept or a doctrine of the early church as in Acts. Trinitarianism was not practiced by the Jews or the early Christians. The prophets did not declare a triune God neither did the apostles. The doctrine of the trinity is not the doctrine of the one true God and his church and as such must be deemed heresy by those who adhere to the apostles doctrine (Acts 2:42). The words ‘blessed trinity’ ‘Holy trinity’ and ‘trinity’ are NOT found in scripture therefore we can conclude that one who preaches truth should not use unbiblical words to define something not found in scripture.

The term “God the father” “God the Son” and “God the Holy Ghost” are not found in scripture. This reveals a key point in our discussion. God is not made up of three co-equal persons. The “Lord God” is God. He alone is God. Who is the Lord? The Lord he is God.

It’s Origins in Brief:

Augustine  In Sermon 90 on the New Testament says, “2. For hold this fast as a firm and settled truth, if you would continue Catholics, that God the Father begot God the Son without time, and made Him of a Virgin in time.” wikipedia

Tertullian, Lived in Carthage around 200 and was the first to write on Christianity in the LATIN language.  He gave us the English word  “trinity” from the Latin: trinitas).

His most important work is the Apologeticum, in defense of the Christians. Running it close must be Adversus Praxean, in which the doctrine of the Trinity comes into clear focus for the first time, in response to a heretic who was twisting the biblical balance between the persons of the Godhead Noddy guide to Tertullian

Praxeas was a Monarchian from Asia Minor who lived in the end of the 2nd century/beginning of the 3rd century. He believed in the unity of the Godhead and vehemently disagreed with any attempt at division of the personalities or personages of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the Christian Church. He was opposed by Tertullian in his tract, Against Praxeas (Adversus Praxean) Wiki

Athanasius He defended the full divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ against the majority of the bishops who were Arian. Arianism denied the full divinity of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a god, but not God. ANSWERS

The council of Nicea (235 AD) gave the church “trinitarianism.” (from ariansm) where Jesus Christ is God but Not GOD!

The New Catholic Encyclopedia 1967 “The formulation ‘one God in three persons’ was not solidly established, certainly not fully assimilated into Christian life and its profession of faith, prior to the end of the 4th century.”

Hastings Dictionary of the Bible.

1963, page 1015, says, “The Trinity… is not demonstrable by logic or by Scriptural proofs,…The term Trias was first used by Theophilus of Antioch (c AD 180), …(The term Trinity) is not found in Scripture.” 

The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary Tells us, “The formal doctrine of the Trinity as it was defined by the great church councils of the fourth and fifth centuries is not to be found in the NT [New Testament]” (Paul Achtemeier, editor, 1996, “Trinity”). New

Bible Dictionary: “The term ‘Trinity’ is not itself found in the Bible. It was first used by Tertullian at the close of the 2nd century, but received wide currency [common use in intellectual discussion] and formal elucidation [clarification] only in the 4th and 5th centuries” (1996, “Trinity”).

In 265 AD, the Bishop of Rome Dionysius. complained about those who “divide and cut to pieces that most sacred doctrine of the Church of God, the Divine Monarchy, making it as if it were three powers and partitive substances and godheads three.” (Ken Raggio).

By 325 AD, the Roman Caesar Constantine had stopped persecuting the Church and had begun to endorse the new Trinitarian version of God. In the organizational meeting of the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Nicaea (Italy), the NICEAN creed was formulated.

The Nicaean Creed 325 AD Propagated and instituted the Doctrine of the TRINITY. Published first in 325 AD!  “The new Trinitarian Roman Catholic Church of Rome demanded that all ONENESS, MONOTHEISTIC, or JESUS’ NAME believers be REBAPTIZED as TRINITARIANS in the titles Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or have all their property confiscated.” (Ken Raggio).

With the replacement truth that God was a trinity there followed an introduction of the Roman road to salvation. Another Roman creation. where followers could be baptized in a trinitarian formula that replaced the name of Jesus. SO NOW WE SEE THAT NOT ONLY WAS THE DOCTRINE OF GOD RECREATED BUT ALSO THE DOCTRINE OF SALVATION.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, II, page 263, says, “The baptismal formula was changed from the name of Jesus Christ to the words Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by the Catholic Church in the second century.”

Martin Luther, the German priest who initiated the Protestant Reformation, conceded, “It is indeed true that the name ‘Trinity’ is nowhere to be found in the Holy Scriptures, but has been conceived and invented by man” (reproduced in The Sermons of Martin Luther, John Lenker, editor, Vol. 3, 1988, p. 406).UCG.ORG

My Note: To this day one must be baptized into the name of the father son and holy Ghost (that line repeated over you as you are baptized in order to be considered a Catholic. The strange thing is this.Many charismatic and pentecostal denominations also require this..THE TRUTH in scripture no one was baptized this way. All who follows Jesus were baptized into the name.

Well isn’t that what Jesus said Go make disciples baptizing them in the in the “name” (singular one).