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Why Can’t Preachers say”Please”

“Please” Who would have thought that “Please” would be a forgotten word in the pulpit. Now I know we don’t get it from society, but when preachers fail to say “Please” As in “Please bring your tithes and offerings” or “please stand to read the word.” “Please” is a mark of respect to the other of whom you are making a request. Please is a gesture of courtesy and humility. Remember folks attend your church out of their own choice and manners do make a better preacher. O Remember that old saying, “Manners maketh a man.” We don’t have to be arrogant as preachers to to have authority, but we do have to have humility.

How to have a Good "AMEN" in church today!

I grew upon church where folks thought it was unrighteous to say “amen” when the preacher ¬†spoke, well it seemed like that anyway. However when the Spirit moved, it unlocked our inhibitions. Now I’m older I’ve realised a secret, my “amen” helps encourage the preacher, he doesn’t have to beg me to say “Amen” I’ll say it anyway, and that is good too. So let your “amen” be so big that ¬†your listening is better than the preachers preaching!… Can someone say AMEN!

How to listen to the Preacher, Today, in Church.

The number one problem in church today is LISTENING. Having silent moments to listen to God and shutting down our inner conversation to listen to the preacher. Let me suggest the number one solution to the number one problem! Pray.. Lord let me listen without sifting, drifting or analysing. Lord help me Listen to connect rather than correct. Help me listen to respect and not inspect, Help me to be a better hearer than what the preacher is a preacher for then I shall get out out of his sermon what I came to church to get today,  A renewed faith and … An Encounter with God!