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Pauls Story

How God used an Orphan boy as a preacher.
How both your destiny and dream is in your blood as well as your spirit
His life pastoring a small welsh church in Wales UK while in his twenties
Pauls work in USA ministering to young men in prisons and preaching revivals
His encounter with a Texan Pentecostal who told him God was one.
How his message was changed from an easy believism to a gospel that became like the book Acts in salvation and healings too.
How Brother Paul found his Father at the age of 59 (2018)

BROTHER Pauls Testimony of healing, destiny and hope for you.

How went from orphan to preacher of the gospel. A motivational story to inspire belief, yes faith that your life is not wasted and that you can make it. His testimony will help you find your true purpose and calling in life. Irrespective of what went wrong in your life, God allowed each event to help you see the bigger picture of your true destiny and purpose. Many live with a grudge, a chip on their shoulder because their dad was not at home, Paul says, it’s time to get rid of the excuse and seize your destiny, God allowed all things good and bad to produce a destiny that’s incredible, which we you would have missed had you not understood the workings of God

Bad stuff shows us what don’t work and what is not for us, so even bad things therefore work for our benefit. Thats what I will challenge you to see. Your life will change with this revelation. nothing is a mistake because God has been involved all along. Now is time to take responsibility for your destiny and live, and make something great out of your life.

Recently Paul has found his father, yes at the age of 59 its remarkable to find a dad that I have never known. In part two of this remarkable testimony you will be amazed at how, God has set a pathway that one day you’ll find that all the dots have connected, and you understand, your life is not in vain.

Paul has shared his story in prisons, boys home, youth groups and churches in US and in UK. A story of destiny, reconciliation and faith. Paul is available to share also with you, in camps, seminars, conferences and all events. He is also available as a revival preacher for your church or conference event. Please contact him for one to one discussion about future possibilities on on the contact page or on