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Seize The Day

Seize the Day.
Seizing the day means, taking hold of yourself and then taking hold of your idea. You my not think you have the best idea, you may not really believe in you idea, but take hold of it anyway and begin to develop it. Find others online who have similar ideas and pick their brains. Online you can surround yourself with successful people who have reached their goals through having similar ideals as you, so learn from them. Grow your idea, write them down and built on them, turn them into actions, big one’s.
Seizing the day means, doing now and doing today what matters today. Tomorrow what matters today may not matter any more. Therefore today do what is important. Tomorrow will bring a different agenda or the next step towards your destiny.
Seizing the Day means, being prepared to move and move. I can’t always be in the position of being prepared to move, I have only today to move. So if you are looking to go somewhere make that move now. If you are looking to do something big, do it now. By living as if now was the only time you have you can seize the day.
Seizing the day means leave nothing for tomorrow that you must do today. That way tomorrow is always a new start.


Wall breakers

Joshua blow trumpet and see the wall surrounding the city fall flat before you eyes (Joshua 6). There’s more than one way to tear down that wall. Forget the traditional way. Too much demolition, hire a crew,  heavy machinery, costly demolition, sort out the legalities, sign a contract, Let’s do things God’s way,  nothing fleshly, or religious, Just get together an army, march in unity and sing the Lord’s song. Yes that what wall breakers do best. They get out of the flesh and let God do the rest. Declare Today: My faith has found its Wall and my shout has found its clout.  What’s before me comes down now in Jesus name.

Every Man needs 2 Missions

Every man needs a mission, whether that’s a church you go to or a mission that makes “you” the church that speaks. Do you see what I’m saying! Yes that’s what mission is “saying what you are seeing.” Here’s mine, hope it helps you.

1.To stand up and speak out on God and his deity. I love Preaching Jesus. He has done so much for me, this is my little bit of appreciation. What’s yours, what are you grateful for that the Lord has done for you in your life? .. make that your mission.
2. To be a voice.
3. To be a Movement Builder.
4.  To be a hope builder, through online articles, motivational podcast, revivals and church meetings seminars and 121 conversations.
5. To light your fire, thats what I do for a living, light fires!
6. I want you to find meaning in you mess and get a message out of your mess. You are a word from God to somebody!
7. I want you to have an personal encounter with God.

… bye the way what “Mission” do you attend?

When you SEE Trouble, expect Breakthrough!

Elijah saw a cloud and heard abundance. (1 Kings 18:41-44)
Some folks see opportunity and all they hear is “watch out,” “take care” “I wouldnt bother if I was you” “take it easy” “sit down” and “take a BREAK.”  I dont know what you see hanging above your head right now but I’m blogging to tell you, the cloud that looks like a problem is actually a promise in disguise. It’s diguised so that your faith will kick into gear. In times past you went in worry mode, this time you’re in the faith mode, you see the cloud and instead of hiding, you start planning, you begin to think big, stand big, pray big, and go big. The cloud just came your way to remind you to get going in God’s direction! The cloud came your way to unlock the “runner” in you so that you could run in God’s direction. This time, instead of running to hide your running into God. The cloud is just a provoker of hidden greatness, boldness and creativity in you, that never would emerge had you not seen opposition in the form of a cloud.
What’s in the cloud is now in your hand… ABUNDANCE! Thank God for the cloud. When you see trouble expect breakthrough.
PRAYER: “God sent me a cloud today so that the winner in me, may emerge..” God is not a disturber of my peace but the developer of it. Amen!

Can I Bless Somebody Today ..

The internet… Go online and test your blood pressure..  ranters and ravers, news fakers and news makers, celebrity gossipers and Christian propheteers – (profiteers) – one God haters and bad law makers. Russian spies, lies, Korean shoots, Asian troops, political loops, Eu flops, and the british pound drops.  How, then do we deal with stuff! Junk talk..  bad talk, pointless talk. Get offline! No, Just find someone you can say “Hi” too (shouldn’t be too hard) in this day and time. Think of a problem they may have and offer a solution, give some encouragement and a word of enlargement. Send a message to a pastor and help him think bigger, find a friend whose at wits end and make him a winner. Share a truth, and set their mind on fire, touch your neigbour and be a kind brother, build a bridge, you do it like no other….. If the web cant be positive I will. If the world can’t tell me whats good then I will. … hope you will too… Hope I’ve blessed you today…

Dont Take The Easy Road

The easy road. The easy road is unadventurous, in fact it’s dangerous to take the easy road. For when we take the easy road, that which is easy now will become complicated later. When a man fails to deal with the tough stuff he leaves himself vulnerable rather than valuable. So to add value to your life, tackle the tuff stuff first