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It takes a Woman to awaken a man’s heart

is that true?.. I’ve just started reading John Eldridges book, “The way of the Wild at heart” In it he describes the season of a man. Cowboy, warrior, lover. king and Sage. He makes this comment in the “lover” chapter. “… so no matter how bold the adventurer or brave the warrior, the man is not living as a man should live unless he makes room for a woman in his life and in most cases at this stage, it usually is a woman who comes to awaken the heart of a man (p193). Which makes me think, a man left alone at the latter part of his days can indeed have his dream and vision awakened by the women who chooses to stand with him. It definitely is not good for a man to be alone. The things of the heart suffer, so does his love for his destiny.

Life starts

Life is amazing, it’s amazing not only because of the good that it brings but because of the trials too. The trails are there in order for us to discover our potential. The mountains exist for us to enjoy the climb. That’s what life is, a climb. and in order for us to discover our gifts and passion, we have to find a mountain big enough to challenge everything the good Lord has put in us, only then can we discover whats in us, the guts the “go” and the God. Yes every man has to find the  “guts” the “God” and the “Go” in him. So where’s my mountain, look for that which will uncover the hidden you.

Secondly the trial you have right now is an indicator of something fresh and alive that is opening up for you. Trouble tells you what you should let go of, yes there’s something new for you today. accept it and make use of it. thats how LIFE starts. Life starts with a mountain.. enjoy the climb.