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Secrets of Great Men – George Whitefield

It was said of George whitefield that the churches were so crowded that there was no room for parishoners. His preaching drew the best minds on London who sought conversation with him. Eight hours a day every day he spend in study. Dr Albert D Beldon, “George Whitefield The Awakener” remarks “Is it any wonder that when such a disciplined life assayed to speak, the world stood still and listened.”

Within one year of ordination as a deacon before he had even taken priestly orders he was a household name. What is unique about Whitefields success is that he submitted to Wesleys tutoring. “I thought it would be a great advantage to be under his tuition” Whitefield writes(p32 The Awakener). Yet it was Whitefield himself who often paved the way for Wesley. Tynerman stated, “It may be fairly doubted whether Wesleys preaching in 1739 would have attracted the attention it did if Whitefield had not preceeded him in 1737.” Now thats a lesson in humility and a reflection of servanthood.