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JESUS will heal YOU.. yes he will.

I AM the lord that healeth thee. (Ex 15;26).

Folks say we should not despise the physicians. This is not despising the physicians rather it is acknowledging who our Lord is, and acknowledging him as the great physician. If we trust man more than Jesus we despise truth, friend, it is better to despise man that God!

Now when Jesus was on earth, He NEVER referred anyone to a Physician. When on earth he said, come unto me ALL who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Just listening to the opinion of man will cause ones soul unrest. O how quick in times of struggle and testing we run to man and not to Jesus then wonder why we are so stressed out. We go to man for his opinion, but what man has is but his opinion  our physician is Jesus and he is “Light” Light is knowledge, Jesus never leaves you “in the dark” on your situation. Jesus is my light. He does not not have an opinion, he has truth and all of it, truth about your deliverance and rescue, truth about your healing and all of it. His word alone is truth!

Take his truth and let it drive out the fear. Fear shall no longer dominate you, in Jesus name.

The Lord is your physician. Physicians were sorcerers, spiritualists. Today they use the word “pharmacist” it is a new word for sorcery. Trust Jesus. he knows your body, he created it! Go to the creators manual, the answer is there for you. Jehovah is your healer. I AM the LORD that healeth thee. (Ex 15;26). I will take away sickness from among you. . .”  (Exodus 23:25,26).

Paul said, “Always bearing about in the body the dying of Jesus, that the life also of Jesus may be manifested in our body” (2 Cor 4;10). DECLARE TODAY: Jesus shall be manifested in my mortal flesh today.

Healing is not something we try to get, healing is what we have. Don’t struggle to get faith, faith is what you have, and it don’t take much faith. Friend you have not got to work yourself up into a prayer frenzy to make yourself believe you have faith. Simply have faith in God or have the God kind of faith. You have that faith! to every man is given a measure of faith (Ro 12;3). I see folks begging God, faith does not beg, faith believes. That’s God in you flesh too. God in your mind, your will, your spirit and yes your mortal body. Don’t try to believe, you are a believer.