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The Church Needs Full Time Evangelists

Should the church support full-time evangelists? …..It  must! …. Here’s why…..The church without an evangelist has no passion for mission, thats why the evangelist is full time. He is on a mission. His life embodies his mission, that’s the power of the call and the evidence that your church is passionate about mission is the body of evangelists you have there in the church.

The church without an evangelist  will loose its fire to rise up a generation of preachers that could have shaken the world! Today’s church is losing its evangelists. Many evangelists abandon the field to enter the Pastoral ministry in order to find some kind of  financial security and stability for their family. Of course the pastorate may not be what God has called them too, but circumstances often force a preacher to start up a church or look for a pastoral position.

I believe according to Ephesians 4;11 that the evangelist is called to train evangelists for the works fo the ministry and one of the big challenges facing todays church is to raise up a generation of preachers who will minister full-time, as evangelists and missionaries.

The only thing between us and a new generation of preachers is a bold new idea!  The only thing standing between us and a revolution in local missions is guts to do old things in new ways.

The task is not optional but essential! May I suggest that it starts with local churches working together to share a ministry. Sponsoring an evangelist and building him an online web presence, endorsing his ministry  and using him in a local circuit. Providing food and paying bills for those who can start off on a small budget and be comfortable with it. He can then use the online media to promote the offline churches that support him, working online to market and attract the social customer and preach the gospel.  This way all the churches will have a full-time preacher evangelist that can build with each local pastor.

If we can make as many evangelists as we have made pastors then the ministry would be a more attractive career choice among young people.  It doesn’t have to start off big, just tap into the passion of our youth and make something possible for them. The alternative of not seeing something new is, seeing what we have, die! It is up to pastors to open this door and down to us  to talk of ideas that can work and challenge the edge of the “not yet thought of!”  Nothing is impossible!

Just a wild idea …
What’s yours?