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Jesus or the Trinity

Jesus or the Trinity
By Paul B Thomas
Available from Amazon for your kindle, desktop and mobile device.

Chapters include:

# Is the Holy Ghost a Person?
# Who is the Creator in Genesis?
# Do all religions serve the same God?
# Did Jesus die Spiritually?
# Did God raise Jesus from the Dead?
# Who do you pray to if there’s a Trinity?.. AND MORE..

Pauls EBooks on Amazon

9 Reasons Why You Be Baptised in Jesus Name

9 Reasons Why You Should be Baptized in Jesus Name
by Paul B Thomas
Available on Amazon in EBook format for your kindle, mobile and desktop device

Baptism is an event in his name. What bride would not take on her grooms name The apostles obeyed Jesus and so should we. Here’s how..

Acts 238 Salvation

Acts 238 Salvation
Why easy believism does not work. Was there anyone in the church of Acts that “asked Jesus into their heart?” The truth will astound you. Salvation as is! If you want revival, if you want eternal Life, this is a must read.
Available on Amazon for you today. AMAZON