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I will Look to the hills…

I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth..(Psalm 121:1,2).

I was walking out of the city the other day, I crossed the bridge and glanced up the river towards the valleys. In the distance I could see the hills, I felt myself longing to escape to the hills. There’s something about hills that speaks of victory as well as challenges, challenges as in climbing up and conquering, victories as in getting to the top rather than living life below. Now thats the CHOICE, living below at ease or living it up embracing the heights. Somehow we have to step out of the lows of life and embrace the heights, tackle the things above you, rather than just settling for that which you are stuck with.

The psalmist said it like this, “I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help.”  We know that the hills of themselves cannot provide help, however it is in the “looking up” that we find our help from the hills, for if hills cause us to look higher then whatever is bigger than you is not your barrier but your helper. For the hills tell me that the mountain before me is my story.  It just looks like a mountain right now but if I can look at it and climb it then that which is bigger than me will become mine. No in that I find help.

The mountain is not your problem it’s your sign, a sign that wherever you climb God will give you the strength to conquer. You see your help comes from the Lord, the hill is just there to remind you he is bigger than your expectation and greater than your ability. It’s in the looking up that we find our freedom, it is in the looking up that we see a brighter future and a better tomorrow. If you will look up, God will Lift you up! IF YOU CAN LOOK UP GOD WILL GET YOU BACK UP. There’s victory in the looking up. As long as you can see a hill, God will provide the help! Look up my friend, God made the hills just to remind you that the higher things in life require an investigation. So next time you see a hill, take a good long look. Help is coming to you!

America land of the Free!

America land of the free…
…but it seems that those who are not so free, are the ones that make the rules.

I love America, I love the freedom it has where folks go to a local restaurant after church because the owner reserved the tables for the pastor and his congregation. I love the way the Americans display their views, choices and faith on billboards too. In 98, a florida resident comissioned an ad company to display a series of God billboards in Florida. The campaign went statewide and appeared in over 10,000 places. Ads such as “Dont make me come down there… God” and  “Will the road you’re on get you to my place? — God” and many others drew my attention and grabbed my amusement as I travelled the US Highways. Which brings me to my point. I have just read how a florida woman was ordered to remove a “hoot for trump banner” which also bore the words “Proud to be an American” on it (Fox News)….. one lady with one banner on her own property…. The banner which she had on her property, was vandalised before she was ordered to take it down.

Do the thugs really determine what the authorities do in America. I thought Political correctness in Eu was crazy, but this baffles me. The brits love America for its freedom of expression. Hollywood has it, trump has it and any man worth his gold has it. Have things really changed that much?  I can only wonder what would the reaction would be if the God banners went up again on American soil! It would be a good gauge of religious freedom.

God Bless USA.

When you Pray Just Say.. (pt2)

When you pray Just say… continued from pt1   … “Thy kingdom come” (MT 6:10)

Men have sought, aways sought to build kingdoms, where all men would come, and learn and be as one. Kingdom that give man security and prosperity, education and association. Yet all man-made kingdoms that have ever been set up have failed because man realises that we are all so different in culture and creed, values and tradition. “Thy kingdom come” then is a call to all men regardless of colour, condition or tradition. Hence the King Jesus himself  says, “Thy kingdom come” establishes the fact that it affords a meeting place for all men, a place called home wherever that man is, whoever that man is. The bond that unites is not a physical place but a place in the heart, a place where deity dwells. There is  no kingdom on earth like the kingdom of God. United kingdom or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any other kingdom, all man made kingdoms will have their day and end rapidly. Why one Jesus is the true king! His kingdom, within you, lives on, world without end, a kingdom that cannot pass away.
My prayer today Lord, Thy kingdom come. Now since our Father who is in heaven is your Father and my Father, yes we, yes WE can pray this.. “Thy kingdom come!”

When You Pray, just Say..

Folks tell me they dont know to pray but prayer is simple real simple. “After this manner therefore pray ye” Our Father.. If it is after this manner we are to pray then no one can say praying is to hard, or “I dont have time to pray.” This prayer is not repetitious, tiresome or boring. Its simplicity is evident. Elaborate english or lengthy appeals are not neccessary. Its unlike many of the ways we have developed today to get God’s attention that really are acts of the flesh more than divine connection.. This prayer is so simple that no one can come to God and say, I cant pray.. So let’s start with this.. Our Father…