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Sin’s Power over me is Broken

Sins power over me is broken
When he died I died
When he arose I arose.
Sins power over me in broken (Song by TBJoshua).

These lines tell us a secret of the new life which is found is the Lord’s DEATH, BURIAL and RESURRECTION. We enter into the new life the resurrected life through death, burial and resurrection, which becomes ours through baptism, yes baptism in his name. When we are baptised in JESUS name we are baptised for the remission all sins (Acts 2:38) and bury the old nature. When we receive his Holy Spirit, we arise into the newness of life as a new creation in him.

Through baptism, I am CRUCIFIED with Christ (Gal 2;20 ). I am BURIED with him by baptism (Col 2;12) I am RISEN with Christ (Romans 8;11). And YOU being dead in your sins hath he quickened (made alive or resurrected) together with him having forgiven all trespasses (Col 2;13). Have you been baptised into the NAME of JESUS?… Therefore declare today: “Sins power over me is broken!” in Jesus name, Amen.

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