Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Preachers Have to be Owners

Owners occupiers.
You have to own a thing before you can be the master of a thing.
Go in and possess the land ( Joshua 1:11).
Every man had a field he had to own.
Own your field, your own portion.
Every man has a field. If you’re not the owner you will be the slave.
If you don’t be the owner of your business you will become its employee.
If you don’t become the owner of your time you will become a victim of the moment.
If you don’t own your home you’ll be its tenant.
If you don’t own your book you’ll become topic in another.
Ownership is mastery, ownership is leadership. Master your trade become the leader in your field.
Own your work.
Own your destiny.
Own your field, produce from it!

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