Are you a Pew Sitter or a Revival Maker?

#1 Are you a revival sitting on the pew or a pew sitting on revival?
Let me ask you this, what is the pew for? For you to sit and get comfortable or for you to mourn for the lost  and the souls of the bound and broken in our world!

#2 You are the revival other folks are praying for.
Revival begins with you, in you for others around you. You walk in revival. It’s an impartation, you walk with the word of The Lord in you to the point where you are revived. Revival is simply an overflow of that word that is in you.

#3 Every Revival has a mourners Bench
A bench or seat set in the front of the church set apart for themourners, penitent sinners seeking salvation. We need the fear of God back in the church,  where folks not only repond to an altar call but rather allow the altar to call them throughout the entire meeting. Folks running to the altar as we praise God, folks crying unto God for mercy during worship. We need that level of contrition in our souls. God get me there!

#4 In Every Revival Man’s agenda is put aside.

Today we hold conferences. Nothing wrong with conferences. conferences are not like revivals. conferences are scheduled. revivals are not. Conferences must go according to plan. Revivals Go according to God. Conferences are prearranged. Revivals just happen. If we just let revival happen then we would save ourselves a whole lot of money, and save “ourselves” too in the process.
Theres nothing like a Holy Ghost revival.
Bring revival Lord!

21 Days of Revival: How To Get it Like The Apostles Had it

By Paul B Thomas

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