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God will do it

Look For God's New Thing

Behold I do a  New Thing; now it shall spring forth. (Isaiah 43:18,19)

The late afternoons here in wales are dark, its as if God is only doing  8 hour days right now.  Come four o Clock I’m shutting the curtains so I can work on my laptop. I can’t say I like the short days.

Maybe God is giving me a visal aid. Just as we shut the curtains when it gets dark, so too God is bringing to a  close everything that is behind us. The darkness is simply God drawing his curtains on that which is in our past.  Everything!  He’s closing out every memory of it by allowing darkness to come, that way you dont get to see it, but when your eyes are opened the first thing you enter into is another day.

Today’s is God’s gift to you thats why its called the present. When we look to the past we miss the present. Folks who live in the past never get to see the light of day then wonder why they have to faith or fight for tomorrow.  The light of a new day is always  in that which is yet to be experienced. So look ahead, smile big and look for God’s new thing.

The best lies ahead not behind.


Give your gift away!

Dont hide your light under a barrel (Jesus).

Your talent is a gift from God with it you can influence and lead, inspire and show the way. I enjoy sharing my talent online I use a blog to express it. There are times that I question my ability, yet I notice that I never question my passion. Thats when a man knows what he’s about, Passion can always create a  way even when skill is absent!

Your gift is not what you can keep to yourself but what you can give away. Your gift don’t belong to you, it belong’s to me, simply because A gift is not your gift until you give it away and that’s where we come to the juction in the road. The difference between those who succeed and those that dont is this, they give their gift away!


Breakthrough Moments

I was thinking yesterday about 2012 and the Lord just popped this into my spirit that I was  “!Not built to backdown but to breakthrough” Now that to me was a spoken word. You can claim it too. I’ve seen others online these last two days blogging about breakthrough. But maybe its more than just a belief for in order to get over the finish line, one needs a series of breakthrough moments, a series of successive head down, shoulder in moments. Just like a rugby match, it’s scrumdown time and the only way you can get over the line is to make a series of pushing moments to get you over the line.

Don’t start with a new years resolution, start with shuv….. then keep pushing!

Living Purposefully

Purpose, everything like everyone has a significant purpose.

Purposeful living means you take charge of today and plan for tomorrow. People who plan achieve more than folks who don’t. Purpose gives them drive and edge, they wake up with an agenda and go to sleep thinking about tomorrow’s task. Purpose makes live an event to be experienced rather than a chore to endure and its the first key to believing you can live again.

So take the time to define your purpose, add it to tomorow’s assignment and make something happen everyday. That’s called, living purposefully.


PaulB Thomas#1  Secrets of  Influence.

1. Having Influence is more important than being ‘Important.’
2. Not all who are important have influence. The influential are leaders and not bosses.
3. Influence is a characteristic of those who are ‘people leaders’.
4. There are market leaders and there are leaders in your field of work. However it is those with Influence that ‘attract’ a following.
5. Part of being attractive is your ability to attract influence.
. To lead with influence must be original and see others are valuable.
7. Influencers value others and are capable of building up ‘people’ as well as building a brand or a company or a business.

Setting a Pace

PaulB ThomasRunning a race is hard especially if you are confronted with so much choice. Online you have too many opportunites. Opportunites to build in so many directions. If youre not careful you can become diverted from your original God given purposes and goals in life.

Look at the web this way. It’s a ‘tool,’ it should never become your ‘business’ if youre a preacher. Here’s the key, theres a difference between your ‘business’ and our ‘occupation’. My occupation is where I use certain ‘tools’ to achieve my business objective. Since i’m in the ‘business’ of the kingdom, the web is my tool. I attach the tool to a ‘project’  and this furthers the call of God in my life. This way i’m always in business and following God’s destiny for my life.