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If we want to see it like the apostle saw it then we must preach it like they knew it. Doctrine is energetic, life canning and foundational. never boring. It’s REVELATIONAL. Theres nothing like sound doctrine to life a man form fear to failure, unbelief to supernatural. what the chruch needs today is a resurectionof doctrine.


Brother Paul is not into worked up miracles, hype and emotionalism. Love good pentecostal service and it is my policy to allow Jesus to heal as the word is spoken, and received. good preaching doe not need an altar call rather the whole meeting becomes an altar call where people freely come before god in repentance. where folks are baptised in water and the Holy Ghost there and then (Acts 238) and healing and deliverance in Jesus name becomes norma. This is the type of revival meetings we have.


Through the revealtion of the oneness of God you can know God. T know Jesus as god is to know God. Brother Paul shares how the knowledge of Jesus and pursuing Jesus only he dissevered the truth of the incarnation and salvation. It was as I studied for months on end the subject of the God man and his oneness that I began to experience the revelation of Jesus through dreams and through scripture.


as wells the revival preaching Paul does motivational talks. He has spent some years as a full-time revival preacher in America which he travelled by faith for 17 years. during which he spoke in prisons and buys homes, youth groups sharing his story of how he went from being adopted to giving hope to others. a message of destiny and purpose. If you would like to invite Paul for your event please contact him here.

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