Is The Church separate from the kingdom?

A, The church and the kingdom, as if we can live in one and wait for the other. Well thats the way its often presented. Folks say the kingdom is to come and so is its king. So we live powerless and helpless. With a “get me out of here mentality” rather than a takeover mentality. The two ideas are in conflict.

Jesus said the church and the kingdom were one. Verily I say unto you some of you here who shall in no wise see death until you see the kingdom of God come with power. (Mark 9:1). Those standing with Jesus saw the kingdom come with power, acts 238 power! Holy Ghost power.  It was only a matter of days that the power came to them and birthed in them the spirit, Jesus had said if you are born of water and spirit you will enter this kingdom and just a few days after his ascension (Accts 1:9-11 Luke 24:44-49)they recieved the spirit and the kingdom and so were born of God. It was a day of “power” the day of thy power (Acts 1:8).

Signs of the kingdom.

1.Where Remission of Sins and baptism is enjoyed.
Being immersed into Christ they were immersed into Christ and now having obtained the remissions of sins they were now in the church of Christ (Gal 3:26-27 Romans 6:3-4 John 19:33-34. Col 1:13,18,24).

2. Where A people set apart to God live Holy Lives. Thats is what the church is the “called out” ones.  Called out of sin and called out of the world.  Not only are we called out of the world but we are called unto God. Separation, “from” the ungodly and separation “to” the holy. We are called to be separate. Come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord (2 Cor 6:17). This tells me those born of God are in a different place than they were before they got out of the world! What place is that? The kingdom! Our name, nature and home changes at Pentecost. We are seated in heavenly places. We are sons of God, we are the head and not the tail. we are in the kingdom of God. The flesh or old man lives in the city but the new man lives in the golden city. The flesh man walks home and enters his property through a wooden gate the new man walks home and enters Gods city through the pearly gate.

3. Where we influence the world, not just sit in the church.
The church limits us to titles and office’s. In the kingdom everyone is a servant.
In the church positions are limited according to education and doctorates. In the kingdom the meek inherit the earth.
In the church we are told to submit to authority, in the kingdom Christ and his word is the final authority.
One joins a church, however one is born into the kingdom. (John 3;3-5).
I the church you are ordained, in the kingdom you are called from birth.
I Love the church but I’m born for the kingdom


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