How Pastors can Work with Evangelists

The number of Pastors full-time far exceed those of evangelists full-time in the ministry. Many evangelists who travel for a living holding revivals have resorted to going into a paid ministry of Pastor in order to provide for their families. Of course many will admit that pastoring is not their first calling, so the wider church is then robbed of the gift of evangelist and the evangelist settles for a role way below his potential and calling.

The pastor has become a gateway to the church. Now for a congregation with an insecure pastor that’s speaks disaster. For in reality no evangelist, apostles prophets will be raised up from that churchgoer come through the gate, None! The Pastor is the gateway. For men of God who have a call to become a ministry other than “Pastor” remains a tremendous challenge in these days as it is the office of Pastor that is often the only solution to those who want to be full-time. My heart is for full-time evangelists, for here lies a key to both revival in the church and change in our nation.

Here are some thought I would like to share with you, for your consideration.

Pastors should encourage the believers to go full-time in ministry. I’m amazed how this is ‘not’ a thing that’s encouraged from todays pulpit. Years ago the altar call was for full-time men. Is it true that todays pastors are afraid of a takeover and loosing their pulpit if they do promote and encourage full-time ministries?

Pastors of large congregations should employ evangelists without seeking to control them. They should give them the liberty to go and preach and support them full-time. Evangelists should be given the same consideration as missionaries. If a church supports missionaries why not consider supporting your “in house” evangelist first?

Pastors need preachers who will rock the boat get the folks up out of their seats and get the crowd outside the door waiting for Sunday! You get my point. If the Pastor likes to play safe then employ one who wont. Every church needs an evangelist.

The Pastor has to share the pulpit. An evangelist will add to a Pastors ministry, not take away from it. People will appreciate the variety of ministry and enjoy someone else speaking for a change. The gift of Pastor differs to the gift of Evangelist and so does the calling. If the calling is different so too is the anointing.  Pastor if you want a fresh anointing why not ask the evangelist to preach.

An evangelist can bring in the crowds as he uplifts Jesus. Evangelists are gifted with a different set of gifts than Pastors. Gifts of the spirit such as Miracles and healings and discerning of Spirits will be evidenced in the evangelists life. A pastors knows the seasons of refreshing that comes only from the presence of the Lord. Teaching and teaching and more teaching is not always refreshing or always in season, people need spiritual rest and refreshing that can only come from the presence of the Lord, a season when God visits the church to move in signs and wonders as the spirit will through the gift of Evangelist.

Pastors your people will. appreciate different voices brought in. Don’t let insecurity strangle you. Build trust with evangelists, discover how they tick, find their passion, connect to them and get them to preach. Find ut what Word God is speaking to them and use them in your pulpit. A true evangelist will preach Jesus. He will have a revelation of the name. He wont preach an easy believism gospel but rather preach the gospel that demands a man be born of water and spirit (John 3:5). If you want to see it like the apostles had it you better invite a man who knows it like they taught it! Pastor don’t invite a man because he’s your friend, or a big name, invite him because he’s true to the gospel, has convictions, preaches Jesus and is sincere. We don’t want Hollywood in the church we want holy fire!

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