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How a Missionary Measures Wealth.

I will sing until the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me (Psalm 13;6).

I have been in my home in UK for over two years writing and thinking of missions and making a mission to us. its always been my passion to go there. I desire to go there (again) for that is where I am called to go. the call is something I have received for the lord and the calls also that Which is in me. It’s in me to go. ¬†Now I know many will go to America to start a new life, but let me talk as a missionary preacher. When you have the call of God on your life you go ¬†there because its in you to obey God and his call on your life. You see my priority is not a changed life but a fulfilled life. I have folks who tell me, well what about your house? (here in the uK) I tell them, a house can become a prison when you are not obeying God and similarly one can have a beautiful home in America and be a prisoner there too.

Blessings are not measured by living standards but by obedience to your calling.I have lived in America for over 17 years up until 2010 and discovered an amazing secret. I was most fulfilled in life not when I had possessions but when I had purpose. My blessing was not not having a nice home, a full time job and a big income and health care. My blessing was having purpose and its having a wealth of purpose that I felt God had dealt “bountifully” with me. Yes bountifully with me. My needs were always met and I had a bountiful measure of purpose. The experiences I had as a travelling revival preacher, I will always talk about. The memories are like gold. I know this I won’t talk about my experiences living between four walls here in UK but I will tell you of the treasury of memories I have from my time staying in the sticks, or living in a 10 foot trailer or preaching in a tent revival in Waco Tx and seeing a drunk sobering up at the sound of the name of Jesus.

If you are contemplating serving the lord, first cleanse your motives then seek to put his purpose in your life first, then obey him not considering the cost. then finally serve him by doing his will for your life that’s where the adventure is.its in the obedience and so too is the blessing. Never once in obeying my purpose did I have to beg the Lord for money. I can truly say the Lord has dealt bountifully with me. Why, because I was in USA? No! but because I’m in the place God desires me to be. I’m rich, how about you?

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