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Have You the Faith that Endures?

Abraham looked for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God (Heb11;11) Abraham never wavered in his faith (Romans 4;20) Abraham lived in a tent yet looked for a city.  What made him a man of faith was not the fact that he got to own a city but rather that he lived in a tent. Daniel Seagraves  commenting on Abraham. states,”Real faith does more than start the believer on his journey, it sustains him to the end.” Abraham died without receiving the promise of faith, yet he is listed as a “man of faith.” This tells me that a man should not measure his faith according to that which he builds and achieves but rather measure his faith by that which he endures. Some achieve big things, yet fail to end Abraham is an example of real faith that endures even though he has nothing to show, but a promise. Many I then with this in mind ask this question, what is it that keeps you going? is it the fact that one day you will see God’s promises fulfilled in your life or it it the very fact that you have the God kind of faith that can trust his word to the end?  Faith is not measured by what you have but by what you have heard! and I’ve heard God!

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