God, at my My Place, Tonight!

God as spirit is everywhere present and present everywhere. God as man moved from place to place to place as a person. He appeared at random to whoever he wills although he is unseen even when he is nearby. Scriptures prove that God has a place and that God is a person. First, scripture tells us God is not a man that he should lie ( Nu 23:19 ). Secondly, “The Lord God said, I will go and return to my PLACE” (Hosea 5:15). “I myself dwelling a high and Holy Place” (Isaiah 57;15). and for the Lord “cometh out of HIS PLACE” (Isaiah 26:21) “and will come down and tread upon the earth.” (Micah 1;3). “I will COME DOWN to deliver” (Ec 3;7,8).  As spirit, God cannot be out of place and not in places, he is in all places at all times, yet as man he can APPEAR that is manifest himself in PERSON as he wills in any specific time and place. I know this, I’m glad he came from his place to my place to give me what’s his, so what’s his could be mine. All this brings us to this one great ponderable, JESUS CHRIST, yes that’s the person I’m talking about, “JESUS” the same yesterday and forever.  (Hebrews 13;8)

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