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Go preach… yes GO!

“God, here I come, here WE go”
Inspired by Ps Steve Gray of Word Revival Church who talked in his video about how he got to the point where he was wondering if any one was really listening to him. Some folks came up to him and said¬† “we are going to need messengers again” and, as a result he continued in his ministry and exhorted others, saying, “let God send you.” I like that! Let God send you.¬† God touched Isaiah, he touched his tongue with a burning coal, then purged him of his sins then he SENT HIM. Isaiah felt unworthy but God touched him. God purged his sins, God touched his tongue, God placed fire in his word and God sent him forth. Friend don’t doubt your ability any longer. GO FORWARD. Declare today: God, here I come …. here WE go…. GOD SEND ME. (Isaiah 6:1-9).

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