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Finding New Love at 50+

Seemed like years since I spoke on relationships, I guess I understand that age is no barrier to having a happy life with another. I think many older folks who through divorce or the death of a spouse give up too early in life when it comes to relationships. They often think that their best years are behind them, so they sit alone and grow old alone, unhappy and lonely. This is a choice and a bad one too, if I may say. You are more able than ever to enjoy a successful and happy life a second time around. You are more mature, you are more sincere, you are more settled and wiser now so why not consider starting over.

Here are some keys to consider.
1.People often say “well no-one will want me I have kids and grandkids… “that’s a lie! there are many folks living by themselves who have no companion and no kids and would love the opportunity to be part of a wider family. Remember, your perspective us your perspective and my not be the perspective of any one else you know.
2.Ask yourself what are my strengths, what qualities have I now got that I did not have when I was a teenager and madly in love for the first time. List these strengths, go ahead do it right now. they are contributing factors you can use in a new relationship.
3. The second time around you know you are dealing more with reality than fantasy, so be confident in your ability.
4.Ask how has my love matured? You can walk into a new relationship with a seasoned outlook and mature inlook. You can be a better contributor than a taker and this will stand in your benefit
5.What new goals can we have together? Are we better qualified and positioned to fulfil our goals in life right now more than we have ever been before in our younger days.
6.How can I better the life of the one I’m falling in love with. you both may have more time on you hands at your age in life. consider this. Don’t let your past be a barometer as to how things may be in the future. remember now that you are older you have more patron kindness and can make better decisions. A second time around can work out. yes it can!
7.Can this person fit in well with my family. Will they make my family their’s?
8.Does this person share the same passion as myself about God, mission, business or church? This is a must. I believe folks in their senior age are more likely together it right the second time around ( or even the third for that matter)
9.Stop beating your self up for missing it in the past. my advice don’t miss today! age has nothing to do with relationship success.
10.Here’s to your success!

…let me know your thoughts and successes too.

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