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The Jesus Awakening

Paul’s Power Thought For the Month

January a new year, The Push of the Spirit. What is the Holy Ghost saying, I awoke having heard God speak to me, “GO” yes his command is simple GO, Preach. (Mark 16;15). I love the simplicity and uncomplicatedness of God’s command. After nearly 9 years in UK its time to go and preach Revivals again in USA, as God directs. Maybe start a church as well as he opens the door. My heart, God let me be as clear and direct in my communication as you have been with your command. Take me and this gift and let your name be glorified, let souls be awaken as to your truth and oneness and let your name bring forth revival. For a monthly newsletter join me on and where you can also hear some podcast I have done. For My Bio visit me HERE


Brother Paul is available to preach Revival, Book Acts style, in Jesus Name at your church. he is currently focusing on KY in 2019. If this interests you please contact him. You can read more on Brother Paul and his passion for a Holy Ghost Revival and a Jesus Awakening  Here on Paul B 


CHAT AT COSTA’S Meet Brother Paul for chat and discussion and coffee, Topics: Salvation in the book of Acts – The Deception of asking Jesus into your Heart – Jesus or the trinity – How to hold an Acts style revival in your church every Sunday – The apostles doctrine –  A healthy discussion around coffee. Can also hold in your venue, church or seminar. 

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EBooks to be read on your device. Provoking thought, creating a rucus, My goal, the apostles doctrine “as is” I want to be saved, don’t you?

Believers Bible Study

Over 40 Bible studies FREE love gift is appreciated to those who desire to obtain our School certificate. Added daily with a link 


Tracts to challenge the mind, educate the soul and make us right with God.


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