Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Doctrine or Convictions

Doctrine is absolute, convictions are personal
Doctrine is eternal, convictions are changeable
Doctrine saves souls, convictions can scare them off
Doctrine is truth what God says, convictions are what we think is truth, what we say.
Doctrine reveals God his person and his name, convictions often reveal more about us than God and will give us a reputation and name
Doctrine unsettled dogma because its based on the word. Convictions can be based on lies or truth whatever we believe as the word of another
Doctrine shakes a city and is the foundation of the church. Convictions put man in jail instead of the church
Doctrine are what apostles use to convert and convict. Convictions can belong to pagans too who’ll never convert
Doctrine is essential to life and salvation. Convictions can belong to folks without salvation.
Whats your doctrine!
(Acts 2:42)

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