Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Discovering Jesus first, will UNLOCK Revival in Your house

Could not this man which opened the eyes of the blind have caused that even this man should not have died (John 11:37).

He had touched a blind man and given him sight then after some time had passed we find him at the home of Lazarus. Lazarus had been very sick and had died. The family stood round the tomb and indeed were asking why? Why no resurrection, why no miracle. “Could not this man who had opened the eyes of the blind have caused that this man could not have died?”

Oh how easily we get addicted to the familiar move of God, I wonder if we have missed anything? O there are moves of God in the world all the time, revivals too, that you have not been part of. I wonder if our addiction to a set religious way robs us of any new move of God? There is something more, but I have to ask, has our addiction to familiar pentecostal patterns and ways robbed us from a fresh new wave of God’s power among us?  Some folks I know are so hooked on the welsh revival and Azuza revival that they never expect anything else because they are so busy using those events as a benchmark for anything great. We are addicted to the familiar old and present. We expect pastors to pray for us and fall down under the power but expect nothing else. We go to church and expect a response to the word around the altar but nothing else. We expect good praise and good preaching but nothing else.

What am I sayings is this, until we get the reason why Jesus has not turned up to raise the dead we are not going to see anything else, the reason why he does not bring revival is this, ITS HIM WE SHOULD BE SEEKING not the fresh move or a new move or a new revelation or a great preacher. He said this “I AM” yes that’s the point of him turning up late, “I AM the resurrection and the life.”

…. UNTIL WE SEE HIM in a “new dimension” as God. Until see him not for what he does but for who he is, we are not going to to see the supernatural…. Jesus will deliberately hold back on revival until we see HIM and HE IS.

Pursue Jesus! Get the revelation of the Godhead, See him as God, see him as the Alpha and Omega the only true deity, when you do revival will break loose in you, why, you pursued him even when you were dying and its the revelation of who he is that will manifest in you the resurrected Christ.

I’m pursuing Jesus are you!

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