Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Culture of “Give now”

It’s on the website in your face, home page “Give Now” In fact one particular web site had the whole front page devoted to GIVE NOW. It’s misleading and annoying, it gives out the wrong message. A better approach would be highlight on your home page your key theme, new project, best video or key project. When we say “Give now” that becomes in the sight of many your key objective, not souls, not the saving of others, not the building of the people, but money! It pushes the unsaved away who always have the “money grabbers” reason for bad mouthing the church. A better emphasis would be give away the free gift of eternal life” or give your best book away, or “give your life to full-time missions.” A better option would be to have a “partner” now button in the menu and leave the giving as an option, not the main theme!

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