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How a Missionary Measures Wealth.

I will sing until the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me (Psalm 13;6).

I have been in my home in UK for over two years writing and thinking of missions and making a mission to us. its always been my passion to go there. I desire to go there (again) for that is where I am called to go. the call is something I have received for the lord and the calls also that Which is in me. It’s in me to go.  Now I know many will go to America to start a new life, but let me talk as a missionary preacher. When you have the call of God on your life you go  there because its in you to obey God and his call on your life. You see my priority is not a changed life but a fulfilled life. I have folks who tell me, well what about your house? (here in the uK) I tell them, a house can become a prison when you are not obeying God and similarly one can have a beautiful home in America and be a prisoner there too.

Blessings are not measured by living standards but by obedience to your calling.I have lived in America for over 17 years up until 2010 and discovered an amazing secret. I was most fulfilled in life not when I had possessions but when I had purpose. My blessing was not not having a nice home, a full time job and a big income and health care. My blessing was having purpose and its having a wealth of purpose that I felt God had dealt “bountifully” with me. Yes bountifully with me. My needs were always met and I had a bountiful measure of purpose. The experiences I had as a travelling revival preacher, I will always talk about. The memories are like gold. I know this I won’t talk about my experiences living between four walls here in UK but I will tell you of the treasury of memories I have from my time staying in the sticks, or living in a 10 foot trailer or preaching in a tent revival in Waco Tx and seeing a drunk sobering up at the sound of the name of Jesus.

If you are contemplating serving the lord, first cleanse your motives then seek to put his purpose in your life first, then obey him not considering the cost. then finally serve him by doing his will for your life that’s where the adventure is.its in the obedience and so too is the blessing. Never once in obeying my purpose did I have to beg the Lord for money. I can truly say the Lord has dealt bountifully with me. Why, because I was in USA? No! but because I’m in the place God desires me to be. I’m rich, how about you?

Questions for The Pioneer Pastor

You are considering pioneering a church. Here are 10 questions to help you make a good decision about going into the ministry of church planting.

1.Can you Build a Team?
The disciples were twelve, The twelve shook the world. The number twelve speaks of government. the Jews followed this principle in their setup and synagogues. Can you find twelve to help you begin as a pioneer, if not start off with one, as an evangelist, and work with the one until you find your twelve, then start a church.
2.Can you teach what Jesus taught?
The book of Acts is an account of the acts of those who taught all that Jesus began to do and teach (Acts 1;1). Can you follow instructions even when you are presented with truth that contradicts your mission? In other words are you doctrine flexible? Can you navigate yourself into a book of acts style ministry where doctrine and deeds become the hallmarks of you faith? (Acts 2:42).
3.Whats your personal growth plan?
Describe your personal and daily study routine, what subjects inspire you, what do you love to teach? are you self motivated in your daily studies.  Do you seek to excel as a teacher, what’s your goal in study?
4.Can you pastor people?
Jesus said he would build his church. Your role then is to shepherd the folks the Lord gives you! Let Jesus build his church, you build the people. (John 21:17).
5.Can you communicate or do you love the microphone?
Let’s forget the dazzle for a moment here. You have the gift of communication, this means you have to get down to where the folks are. The better you at preaching the more you have to get down to where they are in the realities of daily life. This is true preaching. (Luke 10:25-37).
6. What’s your revelation of Jesus?
Some know him as a Son some known him as a prophet, some believe he is a second person a trinity others see him as God. What’s your revelation of God. Do you seek God daily for who he is. (Acts 9:4,5)
7. What do you know about the city you are pioneering in?
Is is a thriving business community? What sector of folks are you going for, the wealthy or the homeless? What sort of churches make it here? What is is the history of churches here in the city or state? Do contemporary of traditional churches make it? (See Acts 17 Paul in Athens).
8. Can you work with a mentor?
Someone who has been where you need to go? Someone who has experience in your work and can help you overcome the difficulties involved. Someone who can keep you sharp and updated. an advisor and friend. (Acts 9:10-19,27).
9.Can you go slow and keep strong?
By this I mean can you start off small and build up. How long can you stay small. Some folks can’t handle the small as they are always comparing themselves to other folks who seem to build bigger and quicker. Can you keep yourself strong in the faith through the smallness of pioneering. This an only be done if you are an avid learner. If you can self educate, that is teach yourself as you go, you can thrive as a church planter and pioneer.
10. Apostles plan and pattern
Can you follow the apostles plan and pattern? (Acts 1:1).


How Pastors can Work with Evangelists

The number of Pastors full-time far exceed those of evangelists full-time in the ministry. Many evangelists who travel for a living holding revivals have resorted to going into a paid ministry of Pastor in order to provide for their families. Of course many will admit that pastoring is not their first calling, so the wider church is then robbed of the gift of evangelist and the evangelist settles for a role way below his potential and calling.

The pastor has become a gateway to the church. Now for a congregation with an insecure pastor that’s speaks disaster. For in reality no evangelist, apostles prophets will be raised up from that churchgoer come through the gate, None! The Pastor is the gateway. For men of God who have a call to become a ministry other than “Pastor” remains a tremendous challenge in these days as it is the office of Pastor that is often the only solution to those who want to be full-time. My heart is for full-time evangelists, for here lies a key to both revival in the church and change in our nation.

Here are some thought I would like to share with you, for your consideration.

Pastors should encourage the believers to go full-time in ministry. I’m amazed how this is ‘not’ a thing that’s encouraged from todays pulpit. Years ago the altar call was for full-time men. Is it true that todays pastors are afraid of a takeover and loosing their pulpit if they do promote and encourage full-time ministries?

Pastors of large congregations should employ evangelists without seeking to control them. They should give them the liberty to go and preach and support them full-time. Evangelists should be given the same consideration as missionaries. If a church supports missionaries why not consider supporting your “in house” evangelist first?

Pastors need preachers who will rock the boat get the folks up out of their seats and get the crowd outside the door waiting for Sunday! You get my point. If the Pastor likes to play safe then employ one who wont. Every church needs an evangelist.

The Pastor has to share the pulpit. An evangelist will add to a Pastors ministry, not take away from it. People will appreciate the variety of ministry and enjoy someone else speaking for a change. The gift of Pastor differs to the gift of Evangelist and so does the calling. If the calling is different so too is the anointing.  Pastor if you want a fresh anointing why not ask the evangelist to preach.

An evangelist can bring in the crowds as he uplifts Jesus. Evangelists are gifted with a different set of gifts than Pastors. Gifts of the spirit such as Miracles and healings and discerning of Spirits will be evidenced in the evangelists life. A pastors knows the seasons of refreshing that comes only from the presence of the Lord. Teaching and teaching and more teaching is not always refreshing or always in season, people need spiritual rest and refreshing that can only come from the presence of the Lord, a season when God visits the church to move in signs and wonders as the spirit will through the gift of Evangelist.

Pastors your people will. appreciate different voices brought in. Don’t let insecurity strangle you. Build trust with evangelists, discover how they tick, find their passion, connect to them and get them to preach. Find ut what Word God is speaking to them and use them in your pulpit. A true evangelist will preach Jesus. He will have a revelation of the name. He wont preach an easy believism gospel but rather preach the gospel that demands a man be born of water and spirit (John 3:5). If you want to see it like the apostles had it you better invite a man who knows it like they taught it! Pastor don’t invite a man because he’s your friend, or a big name, invite him because he’s true to the gospel, has convictions, preaches Jesus and is sincere. We don’t want Hollywood in the church we want holy fire!

Why Can’t Preachers say”Please”

“Please” Who would have thought that “Please” would be a forgotten word in the pulpit. Now I know we don’t get it from society, but when preachers fail to say “Please” As in “Please bring your tithes and offerings” or “please stand to read the word.” “Please” is a mark of respect to the other of whom you are making a request. Please is a gesture of courtesy and humility. Remember folks attend your church out of their own choice and manners do make a better preacher. O Remember that old saying, “Manners maketh a man.” We don’t have to be arrogant as preachers to to have authority, but we do have to have humility.

The Pastors Field..

If you want to be a pastor, then go to a field, a field that is out there in the country, no distractions, no noise, no internet, no tv or God channel, no commentaries or study books, just a field, your field and learn the “language of sheep.” Learn their language, habits, likes and wanderings. their vulnerabilities and strayings, weaknesses and frailties. If you cannot live on the field for a month then its probably not the “field” of ministry God has called you too.

Negotiation.. to Build the Uncommon Dream

I want to thank my brother Michael McCormack for inspiring me to write this short post. His article “Negotiating with God” Isaiah 38:1-5 in which he talked about Hezekiah  being payed a visit from the prophet who tells him he is going to die. Hezekiah then seeks God who then adds fifteen years to his life

Negotiation involves a conflict of interest. and take place in a place of uncertainty. Negotiation usually starts off with the seeker or the buyer stating his desire to purchase a particular property. The seller then produces a proposal and so negotiation commences. During negotiation each side should be prepared to move from a position in order to come to an agreement that benefits both parties. In bargaining you can even get your opponents to modify their initial demands by convincing them of the strength of your own position. 

Is your destiny so real in you that you would negotiate with God over it? Show him the reasons why you should go to that mission field, or build that ministry in that city.

What about negotiating with other brothers, pastors and leaders? If your Dream is so big how come the brother alongside you, online knows nothing about it? Negotiating is not what you have but rather what others have from you that you have communicated to them. Negotiate, share it in writing, ask for feedback, take a risk and invite others to partner in it. Allow room for negotiation, the views, and insight from others then build together what you may never do alone. Negotiating is after all allowing the dreamer to live while you yourself may have lost a partner!