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The Sound of Rain

I woke up this morning and heard the sound of rain, yes it’s raining outside. I got up sat at my desk opened my window and rather than listen to music I listen to the sound of rain. there’s something about the sound of falling water that calms the soul. It’s amazing In the heat, its harder to concentrate and stay, but when the rain falls, revelation comes with it.

After three years of drought, nothing happening, food shortage, nothing growing in the fields, Elijah said to Ahab, Get you up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.… (1 kings 18;41-46). Elijah heard its sound.  Maybe you have been listening to the sound of the media lately, world news forecasting a dry season, economically, globally. In a dry season problems are magnified and man is mystified, I don’t know about you, i’m hearing something different from another source today. I hearing something form heaven. That’s the true news, that which ca only come from above.  Can you hear the sound from heaven, the sound of  refreshing, revival, revitalisation? The air is different today,  can you smell the aroma of freshness is arises from the dampened soil. Yes earth awakes as it receives rain and so will you and so will I. The refreshing has arrived. If you can hear it you shall see it! NO MORE DRY SEASON. The rain has come, Enjoy it, it’s revival time.

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Fresh Wine from an Apostolic Wineskin.

Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” (Matthew 9;17).

The balance between presentation and influence. Changing a generation while ourselves being changed. Holding on to tradition while releasing something new, history and legacy, preserving both through keeping a fresh flow of wine available. After all what is the point of holding onto something if it’s not a conduit of freshness and revival. While we value our apostolic heritage we must watch ourselves that the wineskin does not go dry and crack while focusing on self presevation can often lead to staleness and barrenness. Fresh wine keeps the old wineskins in good shape, making it flexible and all the while keeping its a clean vessel for the great and new things the Lord has in store for the generation to come.

How Pastors can Work with Evangelists

The number of Pastors full-time far exceed those of evangelists full-time in the ministry. Many evangelists who travel for a living holding revivals have resorted to going into a paid ministry of Pastor in order to provide for their families. Of course many will admit that pastoring is not their first calling, so the wider church is then robbed of the gift of evangelist and the evangelist settles for a role way below his potential and calling.

The pastor has become a gateway to the church. Now for a congregation with an insecure pastor that’s speaks disaster. For in reality no evangelist, apostles prophets will be raised up from that churchgoer come through the gate, None! The Pastor is the gateway. For men of God who have a call to become a ministry other than “Pastor” remains a tremendous challenge in these days as it is the office of Pastor that is often the only solution to those who want to be full-time. My heart is for full-time evangelists, for here lies a key to both revival in the church and change in our nation.

Here are some thought I would like to share with you, for your consideration.

Pastors should encourage the believers to go full-time in ministry. I’m amazed how this is ‘not’ a thing that’s encouraged from todays pulpit. Years ago the altar call was for full-time men. Is it true that todays pastors are afraid of a takeover and loosing their pulpit if they do promote and encourage full-time ministries?

Pastors of large congregations should employ evangelists without seeking to control them. They should give them the liberty to go and preach and support them full-time. Evangelists should be given the same consideration as missionaries. If a church supports missionaries why not consider supporting your “in house” evangelist first?

Pastors need preachers who will rock the boat get the folks up out of their seats and get the crowd outside the door waiting for Sunday! You get my point. If the Pastor likes to play safe then employ one who wont. Every church needs an evangelist.

The Pastor has to share the pulpit. An evangelist will add to a Pastors ministry, not take away from it. People will appreciate the variety of ministry and enjoy someone else speaking for a change. The gift of Pastor differs to the gift of Evangelist and so does the calling. If the calling is different so too is the anointing.  Pastor if you want a fresh anointing why not ask the evangelist to preach.

An evangelist can bring in the crowds as he uplifts Jesus. Evangelists are gifted with a different set of gifts than Pastors. Gifts of the spirit such as Miracles and healings and discerning of Spirits will be evidenced in the evangelists life. A pastors knows the seasons of refreshing that comes only from the presence of the Lord. Teaching and teaching and more teaching is not always refreshing or always in season, people need spiritual rest and refreshing that can only come from the presence of the Lord, a season when God visits the church to move in signs and wonders as the spirit will through the gift of Evangelist.

Pastors your people will. appreciate different voices brought in. Don’t let insecurity strangle you. Build trust with evangelists, discover how they tick, find their passion, connect to them and get them to preach. Find ut what Word God is speaking to them and use them in your pulpit. A true evangelist will preach Jesus. He will have a revelation of the name. He wont preach an easy believism gospel but rather preach the gospel that demands a man be born of water and spirit (John 3:5). If you want to see it like the apostles had it you better invite a man who knows it like they taught it! Pastor don’t invite a man because he’s your friend, or a big name, invite him because he’s true to the gospel, has convictions, preaches Jesus and is sincere. We don’t want Hollywood in the church we want holy fire!

Are you a Pew Sitter or a Revival Maker?

#1 Are you a revival sitting on the pew or a pew sitting on revival?
Let me ask you this, what is the pew for? For you to sit and get comfortable or for you to mourn for the lost  and the souls of the bound and broken in our world!

#2 You are the revival other folks are praying for.
Revival begins with you, in you for others around you. You walk in revival. It’s an impartation, you walk with the word of The Lord in you to the point where you are revived. Revival is simply an overflow of that word that is in you.

#3 Every Revival has a mourners Bench
A bench or seat set in the front of the church set apart for themourners, penitent sinners seeking salvation. We need the fear of God back in the church,  where folks not only repond to an altar call but rather allow the altar to call them throughout the entire meeting. Folks running to the altar as we praise God, folks crying unto God for mercy during worship. We need that level of contrition in our souls. God get me there!

#4 In Every Revival Man’s agenda is put aside.

Today we hold conferences. Nothing wrong with conferences. conferences are not like revivals. conferences are scheduled. revivals are not. Conferences must go according to plan. Revivals Go according to God. Conferences are prearranged. Revivals just happen. If we just let revival happen then we would save ourselves a whole lot of money, and save “ourselves” too in the process.
Theres nothing like a Holy Ghost revival.
Bring revival Lord!

21 Days of Revival: How To Get it Like The Apostles Had it

By Paul B Thomas

John Wesley

Thursday 5 June 1766. “I am a member of the church of England but I love good men of every church, My ground is my bible, yea I am a bible bigot. I follow it in all things therefore I always use a short private prayer when I attend the public services of God, Do not you? …Is this not according to the bible. I always kneel before the Lord my maker before I pray in public…I advise every preacher connected with me, whether in England or Scotland, herein to tread in my steps. ” (The Journal of John Wesley. abridged by Christopher Idle.  Lion publishing plc).



Set your Pulpit on Fire

# 1 Let a man so preach that he will tremble at entering the pulpit, for if God is to speak. the dead will rise up. If I preach and the dead do not raise up then the dead will rise themselves and condemn me.

# 2 What if what I tell you is wrong, false, heresy. Do you think I take that lightly. I came to a point in my life a few years ago, where I asked myself, “Paul why do you believe what you believe?”. I studied God’s word and discovered that what I believed was not what God told me. Man told me about “asking Jesus into your heart,” not God. God says a man must be “born of water and spirit” (John 3:5) Now I want to preach what God told me. How do you know that God said it? Look at the apostles preaching in Acts. If the apostles preached it, God spoke it.

# 3 Doctrine is scorned because man is in rebellion against the sovereignty of God. Truth must shape us, mold us and re-arrange us. I don’t mold truth to fit my theological understanding. I must allow the truth to give me fresh understanding even when the truth tells me I’m wrong!

I follow doctrine not because I am right, but because the doctrine I follow has put me right. I follow doctrine because what I know of Jesus has changed me and the more I discover of him the more I myself am changed

# 4 I cant preach without the Holy Ghost. I have friends who tell me that the Holy Ghost never leaves. I agree, but there is the manifested presence where whats in you becomes up and on you. Jesus said “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you” I don’t want to preach until its “up and on me!” That’s when you get power, power to heal the sick, power to cast our devils, power to preach. Without the power upon me I’m just a good talker and who wants to listen to a good talker?

# 5 Set your pulpit on fire with prayer. A prayerless preacher makes a powerless pulpiter. You cant pray until the Holy Ghost comes upon you, sure you can pray in the flesh. That’s why you fall asleep when you pray, nothing stirs you.

# 6 A possessed person can speak in tongues, they learn it from another who has said t say this now say that, the fire they get is from another and so is the ones. I want the fire from God, hes the one that teaches me to talk and gives me the unction, not man.

# 7 We will cry to the Lord until he reveals his face. Conviction does not make us parade ourselves rather it humbles the soul to the place where his tears soak into the dust, and he pleads with God for deliverance. that’s  revival.

# 8 William J Seymour would preach with a bucket over his head, so that he would not get the glory. Today’s preach wants a standing ovation today. How do I know? see how many times he tells you to say amen, give a clap or stand to your feet. yes a standing ovation. I would rather Get God on his feet than man. How about you?

#9 Don’t beat about the bush/ Moses saw God in the bush. If your bush is not burning you ain’t preaching. stay at home in the desert until your bush catches fire then you are ready to preach to the nation God assigns you too.

#10. If you have no word from heaven the you will not have power in earth from heaven. Eloquent sermons are not from heaven. Power comes from heaven (1 Cor 2:4). “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: