Destiny has its appointments and its day. Destiny is a series of divine revelation where truth and revelation meet say and time.  Your life is a series of divine appointments and opportune times. Seize them, embrace them, today you live that destiny.

Born in England, adopted by a Welsh family and grew up in south Wales. Then I went to church as child and discovered God and sensed his destiny to go to America. As an eight year old I said to my adopted dad, “One day I’ll go to Kentucky,” I mean looking back now to that time, how many of us can remember what we said to our father as an eight year old? I drew a circle on an old atlas, yes Kentucky, that’s where I would go

I would like to share with you how that turned into a passion which later turned into an act of God, yes that’s what it was, a miracle. I would like to share that with you and hence the reason for this website. Join in the story (I’ll post it in PDF format here in Jan 2019) for you to read. It will inspire you faith and let you know all things are possible.


FAITH BELIEFS: I believe in the one true God who dies for us and gave his life for us and his salvations is available to all Acts 2:38. It is my conviction and indeed mission to help folks see the truth that the apostles gave us, that Salvation is in the name of Jesus, and we must return to the apostolic pattern given us in acts. the pattern of doctrine and faith and salvation. If we want to see it like the apostles had it then we must know it like they knew it.

MISSION: My mission is to preach in America and help souls live the God life. Every man is a missionary, a man without a mission looses his strength, his natural ability to fight, fight for a cause, fight for the right fight for life and the ability to own it.VISION: To own a TV gospel Chat show in USA and build a church around it. A people loving, revival moving church.PASSION: Revivals and motivational speaking. I’ve spent years talking in prisons and youth events, teaching destiny, purpose, and preaching Jesus, the God man.GOALS: Preaching Revivals, pastoring in USA and Building a TV GOSPEL show

INFO: Pastored a Youth group in Wales for two years prior to Pastoring Living Word church in 80s. During which I also ministered to presbyterian Baptist, Methodist, pentecostal churches as the Lord opened up doors. I went to USA in 95 after leaving full-time secular employment with South Wales Police and travelled preaching in churches, holding revivals, ministering in Prisons and homes for Boys. I also helped Pastors in their churches in various bible study teaching roles. I travelled north to south over twenty times from Texas to Michigan. I returned to the UK in 2010 and began to build an online presence and write books preparing material as a foundation for a School of ministry. Presently I have over 40 Ebooks on amazon. I also have 40 Bible lessons available (The Believers Bible Study) for students who desire to seek the Word for More Knowledge of the Truth. I have worked ministered with the Fijian community and with CAA (Christian Apostolic assembly) UK. 

CORE COMPETENCIES: Public speaking, Motivational speaking, Revival Preaching, Web design, networking, Church growth consultancy. Christian counselling. Pastoral and leadership Role. I am licensed by MAJC Dallas Texas and hold papers also with JILM (Mi) under Pastor Valdez.

Blessings always
Brother Paul.