Questions for The Pioneer Pastor

You are considering pioneering a church. Here are 10 questions to help you make a good decision about going into the ministry of church planting.

1.Can you Build a Team?
The disciples were twelve, The twelve shook the world. The number twelve speaks of government. the Jews followed this principle in their setup and synagogues. Can you find twelve to help you begin as a pioneer, if not start off with one, as an evangelist, and work with the one until you find your twelve, then start a church.
2.Can you teach what Jesus taught?
The book of Acts is an account of the acts of those who taught all that Jesus began to do and teach (Acts 1;1). Can you follow instructions even when you are presented with truth that contradicts your mission? In other words are you doctrine flexible? Can you navigate yourself into a book of acts style ministry where doctrine and deeds become the hallmarks of you faith? (Acts 2:42).
3.Whats your personal growth plan?
Describe your personal and daily study routine, what subjects inspire you, what do you love to teach? are you self motivated in your daily studies.  Do you seek to excel as a teacher, what’s your goal in study?
4.Can you pastor people?
Jesus said he would build his church. Your role then is to shepherd the folks the Lord gives you! Let Jesus build his church, you build the people. (John 21:17).
5.Can you communicate or do you love the microphone?
Let’s forget the dazzle for a moment here. You have the gift of communication, this means you have to get down to where the folks are. The better you at preaching the more you have to get down to where they are in the realities of daily life. This is true preaching. (Luke 10:25-37).
6. What’s your revelation of Jesus?
Some know him as a Son some known him as a prophet, some believe he is a second person a trinity others see him as God. What’s your revelation of God. Do you seek God daily for who he is. (Acts 9:4,5)
7. What do you know about the city you are pioneering in?
Is is a thriving business community? What sector of folks are you going for, the wealthy or the homeless? What sort of churches make it here? What is is the history of churches here in the city or state? Do contemporary of traditional churches make it? (See Acts 17 Paul in Athens).
8. Can you work with a mentor?
Someone who has been where you need to go? Someone who has experience in your work and can help you overcome the difficulties involved. Someone who can keep you sharp and updated. an advisor and friend. (Acts 9:10-19,27).
9.Can you go slow and keep strong?
By this I mean can you start off small and build up. How long can you stay small. Some folks can’t handle the small as they are always comparing themselves to other folks who seem to build bigger and quicker. Can you keep yourself strong in the faith through the smallness of pioneering. This an only be done if you are an avid learner. If you can self educate, that is teach yourself as you go, you can thrive as a church planter and pioneer.
10. Apostles plan and pattern
Can you follow the apostles plan and pattern? (Acts 1:1).