Benefits on Reading the Scriptures


General Subject
Stewards of The Mysteries of God

Message One
Reading 1 Cor1:2. 10:32.


How Readest thou (Luke 10:26)

We should read the scriptures To know the man Jesus
We should read scripture to discover life and how live holy
We should read the scripture to keep our soul saved and our love pure
We should read the scripture to obtain wisdom and so become success
We should read the scriptures to be a people of faith power and confidence
We should read the scriptures to keep us saved and right with God
We should read the scriptures because we love the Lord

There is Illumination that comes form reading the scriptures
Jesus stood up and read the scriptures.
As you read the scriptures, the supernatural can take place. You will find the presence of God real and be able to hear him speak through the written word.

There is authority that comes from reading the scriptures.
Reading gives knowledge and knowledge understanding. Paul writes like this. “Do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you may discern what is the will of God” (Romans 12:2). Reading the scriptures helps us understand God’s will for our lives. Many are constantly asking what is God’s will for me. If you will only take the time to read the scriptures then you will clearly know God’s will for you. It is true God uses thatose that are readers. for expounding and explaining are part of the ministers duties. God uses those that are readers! If you are a reader God will use you!

If you read the scriptures you will have direction and confidence to serve him, in church and in the world as a living active witness. A person who is a witness is first a reader for the scriptures unlock confidence thus making his witness authentic and real.

There is Ministry that comes from reading the Scriptures
Reading will make you a confident witness. You’ll have knowledge that will let your light shine. and the reaon is this the light has first shined in you. God has spoken to you and that working of his word provids the confidence needed to be a light in a dark world. You’ll have answers that others wont have and be confident to engage with folks that others find unapproachable.

How he made known to me the mystery (Paul).

The Lord has yet more truth to break forth out of his word. Luther and Calvin were great and shining lights in their times, yet they penetrated not into the whole counsel of God; but were they now living would be willing to embrace more light, as that which they had first recieved. I beseech you to remember it- is is as an article of your church covenant that you be ready to receive whatever truth is made known to you from the written word (Rev John Robertson. Puritan leader)

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