The Pattern of Faith

For ye are all sons of God through the faith in Christ Jesus. (Gal 3:26) That’s how it should read “the faith!” The Greek emphasis “the faith!” There is only one Faith and this one faith as the only one true faith is “the faith.” God’s people are those who are obedient to the faith among all the nations (Romans 1:5 16:26). preached by Paul (Gal 1:23). It is “the faith” that unifies all believers.

Liberty in The Holy Ghost

liberty, freedom and justice for all. A kingdom that gives us more than enough of all things good. O the liberty of the Holy Ghost and freedom in Christ. The limits in Christ dont exist, his love is immeasurable and yours to experience. His peace is unlimited and yours to experience. His Joy is unlimited and yours to experience. Bondage is death, liberty however is Life. The question then must be asked. How free are you?