Shuv It, From Gift to ShiftBy Paul B ThomasAvailable on Amazon for your kindle, mobile and desktop device Why “Shuv It?”Because men have lost the art of mastering stuffThe art of dominion which means this, being a man!The art of standing up with convictions and speaking upThe art of leadingContinue Reading

Jesus What a God, God What a Man By Paul B Thomas Available on Amazon for your kindle and Mobile device. Jesus, God himself manifested in the flesh. Discover the truth that will revolutionise your life and ministry. There’s no truth like this. 17 Chapters including: # The God who TookContinue Reading

Jesus or the Trinity By Paul B Thomas Chapters include: # Is the Holy Ghost a Person? # Who is the Creator in Genesis? # Do all religions serve the same God? # Did Jesus die Spiritually? # Did God raise Jesus from the Dead? # Who do you prayContinue Reading

Apostles Secretsby Paul B ThomasAvailable on Amazon in EBook format for your kindle, mobile and desktop device 17 Chapters including:- Apostles are architects of the Church.# Apostles are the New gatekeepers.# Apostles contend for the faith# Apostles preach holiness# Apostles leave a legacy.

Rut Busters For Godly MenBy Paul B ThomasAvailable on Amazon for your kindle, desktop and mobile device.Click on image to View and purchase 22 Chapters including:Godly Men Don’t Carry The Sins of Another# Godly Men Deal With Issues# Godly Men Deal With What Gets On Them# Godly Men Have MentorsContinue Reading

NEWS: APOSTOLIC REVIVALS Pastor Gregory Riggen We baptized 36 in Zimbabwe, and 27 in Botswana — and they were mostly pastors and wives. To God be…— Pastor Greg Riggen (@GregoryRiggen) March 11, 2015 NEWS: APOSTOLIC REVIVALS around the World! Dear brothers and sisters I have a nice/good/ excellence newsContinue Reading