Jesus is God by Paul B Thomas Sound dotrine is essential for without it we deceive others and deceive ourselves. This book reveals Jesus as he the Word gives it and as they the prophets and apostles taught it. Discover the truth of the bible as it reveals one God andContinue Reading

  Your Destiny is Prophetic Your Day is Now Discover the days of your life, how to navigate your destiny and understand your core purpose. You are a word from God made flesh to your generation. There are folks you have to meet, prophecies you have to receive, places youContinue Reading

An E book By Paul B Thomas exploring the dual nature of Jesus Christ, a revelation of the incarnation, God becoming flesh. Over seventeen chapter titles which include:- The God who can’t stop talking. The God who cursed himself. The Man who never learned he simply knew. The man whoseContinue Reading

Acts 238 Salvation By Paul Thomas Acts 238 Salvation By Paul B ThomasAvailable on Amazon in EBOOK format for your kindle or mobile device Asking Jesus into your heart? where is it in the bible.Who gave their heart to Jesus in the bible? Are we guilty of preaching a salvationContinue Reading

Greatness Why Be Normal When You Can Be Great By Paul B Thomas Available on Amazon in EBOOK format for your kindle or mobile device. Greatness is a gift, not all who experience success in life will be great! indeed greatness is not great all until God defines it. Enlarge yourContinue Reading