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Cheap Grace?

The message of Grace is somewhat watered down today in order to give the hearer the impression that he has to do nothing but believe. I am convinced however that the new birth is a step taken after one believes, “He that believes and is baptised shall be saved.”  Grace is God’s part, “According  to “his” mercy he saved us by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Ghost” (Titus 3:5) Grace does not do away with the fact that God requires us to come to him, his way. This means there are conditions and things we “must do!” Nichodemus asked Jesus, “what must I do?” Jesus said, “A man must be born of water and spirit” (John 3:5). This explains the whole equation. Grace is WHY we are saved, not HOW we are saved!

Awake Thou That Sleepest

Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead  (Ephesians 5:4).

How do you know you are asleep?

When you can’t shake yourself loose for the spirit that binds you.
When you can’t stop talking about giving up, taking up another career, thinking that ministry no longer works for you. thinking youve wasted your life and can’t move out of a rut. You’re in a sleep when the revelation you have does not match the mission God has given you. You’re hooked onto preaching messages that have no life and revelation that have no power. You have a man made message, a second hand impartation, a “hand me down” you could not afford. You recieved it on the cheap while you were asleep. Friend you have to wake up!. God must shake you. truth dont come without a shaking.

Like Ezekiels vision, life has to come to a dead corpse, a shaking has to come to you. One has to become an army. Life has to come from the living God. God has to breathe in you the message you must speak. sleeping is as good or should I say as bad as being dead. But i’ve come to tell you. truth is coming to wake you up. What truth? the truth that Jesus is God. If you can recieve it, it will shake you out of your grave. Come forth! awake! rise from the dead. Its your grave breakthrough day.

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Apostolic Journal

about 3 weeks ago

The Miracle of Salvation

about 4 months ago

Jesus said You can be Born again. That is born not of flesh and blood as in your natural birth but rather born of God. Its a spiritual birth where the real you comes alive to the things of God.

Have You Tried another Religion?

Have “faith” in God ( Mark 11:22 ).

Religion is different than “faith” not all faiths, give faith! but all faiths give religion. The faith that Jesus our God gives is both a reward to those who trust his word and a lifestyle to those who trust his name. Our faith does far more than what religion does for our faith gives us hope in an eternal reward, an eternal life after this temporal life and eternal knowing that our sins are forgiven and we are right with God. Now religion don’t give that!

Religion makes a man a slave to rules, that cannot save my soul. Religion keeps me a prisoner of your own conscience and a victim of my own failures, but faith, the God type of faith changes me from the inside out, knowing that I can make it on my own, neither do I have too and that if I fail to  comply because of the weakness of my flesh, I have an advocate in Jesus Christ the righteous. That’s what faith does!

I need faith and so do you! Faith that gives me something greater than religion. Faith that tells us we have a destiny, faith that gives a man a future, faith that gives forgiveness of sins and an eternal reward.  Faith that causes me to belive that a miracle is mine and that my body can be healed.

Have I tried another religion?
Don’t need to.
I already have what some try to find in religion, “faith!”


Meet the Future You

What are you doing this year to become the man you will be in twenty years from now?
How you want to be then based upon what you believe about yourself now.

How do you see the future you, what type of person will you be when you have amased and mastered success? Will your goals change you? they should! We have to aim to become a different person in order to reach a different stage and place in our life. Our becoming must therefore grow inline with our achieving, for when we get to our destiny or desired goal we have to posess the character qualities necessary to thrive at that level.

Our “former self” must be transformed into our “future self,” now. The two have to become one. Alignment has to take place where the past meets the future and the now ties up with tomorrow. Our dreams have to become a living reality and not just a mere myth or pie in the sky. you have to embrace the big thing now and live it before you become it! Things change, perceptions and visions altar and one way to keep yourself on track with your goals in life is to  send a letter to your “future self” which you will read twenty years from now! A letter to the person you will will meet twenty years from now.

I look forward to meeting the future you, tomorrow!