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There is Salvation in Jesus not in Oneness?

Q. Salvation is in Jesus name not in the oneness truth (Acts 4:12)
A. I agree that Salvation is in the name of Jesus but we also must realise that salvation in the name means we use his name in and upon salvation and we do that when we are baptised into Jesus.
He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved. (Matthew 16:16 John 3:18).
Baptising them.. in my name ( Matthew 28:19 ).
Salvation is an event in Jesus name and taking on his name in baptism is when we come into his family.
Finally we take on he name of our Husbandman just as any bride would take on the name of her husband. What women is there that would claim to be married to another yet refuse her husbands name?
Our marriage to Christ places us in Christ. We are baptised into Christ or into his family in his name. All things are done in his name and baptism is the event of salvation done in Jesus name ( Acts 2:38 Colossians 3:17).


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