Paul on Preaching Revivals

How were you called into Ministry and whats your purpose today as a preacher?

was called as a young boy while working on a farm. When I was eight
years of age I told my dad that I wanted to preach in three places in
America Fort Worth, Fort Wayne and Fort knox. I wasnt influenced by
Hollywood but I did like John Wayne and his western movies.

day as a teenager i prayed for God to take me to the States it became a
passion of mine. However I didn’t get to go until I was 35 then I went
to preach Revivals wherever God opened up the door.

My purpose is to preach Jesus and see churches become like those in the book of Acts.Nothing less can shake our world.

What sort of audience did you Preach too?

I spoke in prisons  and also church meetings and also tent revival. My time however was geared to the smaller churches.

can relate to the small church pastor having had pastoral experience
myself.  It also goes back to the days when my dad took me to the cmall
churches in South Wales. He preached I recited a poem. He opened the
door of ministry to me through his itinerant preaching.

Revivals! You hold revivals, tell me more about that?

you insisted on a title I would use the term “revival preacher” that’s
my passion. I grew up in a church where there was no fire. God used the
place to birth in me what could not be found there, revival! Today I
enjoy going to a church and holding a revival evening or series of meetings. For example if God
moves the pastor can decide to hold another meeting the following
night, that may go on for two or three nights, one week or whatever, We follow the Lord and make a meal out of it.

What about your work in America?

like to go where folks are hungry for God. I spoke in one small chuch
in Waco and the pastor wanted to give me his electric guitar I knew it
was worth a bit of money, it may even have been a Gibson although im not
cetain about that, anyway he was overjoyed that I took the time to come
and ministry for him he wanted me to have what he valued most. I found
that by holding revivals in small churches, the needs of people were
multi faceted, they had needs soulically emotionally and spiritually, 
they were hungry for more something you may not get in the big churches
where folks already have everything, the music, the crowds the
atmosphere or whatever. The dynamics and the pull is different. However
wherever folks desire revival, thats where I want to go.

What Subjects do you speak on?

Salvation as in Acts. Destiny and purpose, dominion of the believer, success in lif and other subjects.

What are the biggest needs in Churches today?

God they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. There’s a
big shift taking place today on the person of God. For me Jesus is God
until we encounter this truth there will be no power.
people need real power as in Acts no fake signs and man made gimmicks.
Those days are gone! For me its back to acts in power pattern and
salvation. Let’s preach it like they had it then we will see it like it
aught to be.

How would a Pastor benefit from having you preach?

aim to build a long term ministerial relationship with the pastor so
that I can help him and the church after the revival is over when I go
back I will then know more and can speak confidently with insight that
may help them get to where they are going as a church.   Plus preachers
need to build trust especially among organisations and denominations.
many small churches could access great preachers if they just looked
over the wall,

What would a pastor do should he desire to contact you ?

where I am at any given time. I’m presently in Wales. Simply email me
or call me and let’s meet over coffee ( I love Starbucks). Then we can
go from there.  He may want to take a look at soemof the ebooks I have
online at Amazon to get a sense of what I teach.

What Denominations will you go to?

worked in Baptist, Evangelical Methodist, Charismatic, Apostolic and
Pentecostal churches. if you love Jesus I will come and preach.

I have a contact form here on this link


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