How To Keep it Hot


Keeping things hot is an art, drinking coffee helps!

How to keep it Hot

My heart was hot within me while I was musing the fire burned then spake I with my tongue (King David Psalm 39:3)

How to keep it Hot
Starbucks offers an experience for the basic need to drink coffee. Thats what we have to do with relationships personal, marital or business. Take what we need daily and make it memorable. Here’s how.

Take whats normal an make it event to remember
et rid of question mark’s, be in the know, be armed with facts and get rid of maybe’s.
Express yourself in different ways add flavour, then reinvent the menu
Be intentful… Go do it
Play on the principle that Engagement brings happiness… it really does!
Realise that where theres detailed attention to recongnition there is profit
Forge a bond thats inviting
Make surprise the prize
Get plugged in. wi-fi your relationships
ate your Dream
Change the way those in your world experience coffee
it and contemplate often
Sip the cream and …
Fall in love

…. YES.. How do you keep it hot?
                             Fall in love…


Relationships is a bit like drinking Coffee in Starbucks. You have to have a book, access to wifi and know how to turn ordinary to Extraordinary.

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