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Dealing with Disabling Spirits

She had a disabling spirit (Luke 13:11).

Walking everyday with her head down. Thats what people who are disabled do they walk with their head down, signifying defeat and hopelessness. Literally she was bowing down (giving in) and allowing her situation to rule her life, mind and ultimate destiny.

A disabling spirit blinds you the hope that is set before you
A disabling spirit magnifies the problem and blinds us to the solution
A disabling spirit makes you feel less than competent and never good enough
A disabling spirit causes your ministry to be focused on issues, stuff around you and in you
A disabling spirit causes you to question the very thing God has in store for you
A disabling spirit blinds you to possibility

… why because you’ve TOUCHED  the wrong things.

This woman touched Jesus. That’s what you have to do today, touch Jesus.

How do you get rid of a disabling spirit?
Press through the clutter, the chatter, the crowd and the circumstances and ….. Touch Jesus!

And of Zion it Will Be Said…

Out of Zion it shall be said, This one and that one were born in her; and the Most High himself shall establish her. The Lord will record when he registers the peoples This one was born there  (Psalm 87:5-7)

You may have told a friend about your son or daughter stating, “this one” was born in such and such a place, this one was born in that city. this one wa born in that city. But my real testimony today is of the sons and daughters that have been born in Zion.

In Zion men are born, Only in Zion can men, fully grown men and women be born. and while all men are born of flesh somewhere, only in Zion can “men” be born of God. You may be born in a church house but that means nothing unless you are born of his spirit in Zion’s house. For Zion is where young and old get born, where rich and poor men get born, where grandfathers and grandsons get born at the same time, where the celebrated and the hated get born.

Only in Zion can an old man become a child again.
Only in Zion can a prisoner become a free man again
Only in Zion can a heroin addict become a clean man again.

The prophet said that all nations would flow to Zion (Isaiah 2:1-4) I dont want to build a church that doesnt have what Zion has. There’s no place on earth like Zion.

I dont know about you but Im looking forward to telling somebody who asks me where my new son or daugher was born, im looking forward to telling them, “this one was born in Zion today!”