7 Reasons why You as a Preacher Need a Website

1. A website is your online id and gives your ministry credability
2. A website is your hub. Facebook or Google + should be your airport. Take friends home with you!
3. A website is where you can store and access all your blog posts and make them easily findable to those who want to know more about your ministry. Not always possible with the social networks
4. A website allows you to use a domain name that is unique to you. Your real name or ministry name. This builds trust!
5. A website allows you to give easy access to podcasts, video, FAQ, your tweets, store/shop, contact page, and more. Each one of these can be made available on selected pages with their RSS feeds.
6.  A website can be visited without the distraction that you will find on a social network. Your posts are more likely to get read and of course your readers will read your quality work rather than stuff which no one is interested in like, I’m having coffee today at ? etc.
7. A place where you can develop your “permission marketing” project. Giving you access to partners and friends who will support your ministry and follow you online.

If you are a preacher and need a website, contact me Paul Thomas on Google+