Why Preachers Should Blog

1.Blogging communicates what you know. Its the best way online to show everyone what you know
2.If you have a blog you can attract followers who can become customer evangelists
3.If you blog regularly you can gain the reputation as an expert in your field.
4.A blog can de used to gather thoughts and content for an upcoming ebook you wish to write
5.Blogging is an evangelistic tool to influence others and spread the gospel to a broader audience
6.You can set up a FAQ section for your readers and educate local non church goers about your ministry with a blog
7. Use a blog to start a cause or build a movement

Remember just because youre known offline does not mean youre known online. Being known on the online world is not having a website, its being social on a network with those who share your passion. Secondly you have to lead and not just be there that takes continual effort to get your content and knowledge out there. When folks know you they will trust you and do business with you. The best way to do this is through a blog.