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Faith is a Decision

Abraham lifted up his eyes…. (Gen 22:4). Faith is a decision to be bold and step out into territory unknown and not yet experienced. It’s stepping out before you know all the answers to all of the questions. It’s heading north where others have settled down south. It’s saying a Big Yes to God’s big GO.  It’s making the ultimate dream your immediate destiny. Its saying no to little things around you that demand your attention and embracing the one thing that changes your life forever. Faith is lifting up your eyes from things around you to the big picture before you and saying, yes God. I see it now. Whatever decision you make right now will indicate your faith. Just make the decision big!  

What's Your Marriage Purpose?

Men have business plans for their companies they have mission statements for their church yet how many of us know God’s purpose for our marriage? 

The word tells us that our purpose in life is to worship and serve the one true God to be one with him as Christ is one with the Father such oneness needs to fullness and brings on the fruit of purpose. There is no fruit without purpose.

our purpose as a married couple is to manifest God’s purpose in our lives and pursue it as one couple just as Christ pursued his one mission when he was one with the father without this distinctive such unity cannot be attained our oneness is in his purpose. Our marriage too.


Ministry Update

I’m posting more on WordPress. Squarespace is the preferred platform shame though that more folks dont use it. However i’ll make this blog a weekly feature with mini articles and updates.

Image Breakers Church
Yesterday we had another House Revival meeting in Blackwood. It was incredible about 22 of us attended including our friends form Fiji in fact there were more Fijians there that others. They Came from Dinas Powys after morning church and lunch at Barry and blessed us incredibly. Their commitment is second to none and my prayer is that God will use them to shake and awake Wales  

Brother Henry going to Afghanistan
This morning our dear Brother goes to Afghanistan. My brother you are loved and valued.  My heart is heavy but our faith is in God. May he be forever a flame of fire about you every second of every day. You are God’s hero, ours too!

There is Salvation in Jesus not in Oneness?

Q. Salvation is in Jesus name not in the oneness truth (Acts 4:12)
A. I agree that Salvation is in the name of Jesus but we also must realise that salvation in the name means we use his name in and upon salvation and we do that when we are baptised into Jesus.
He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved. (Matthew 16:16 John 3:18).
Baptising them.. in my name ( Matthew 28:19 ).
Salvation is an event in Jesus name and taking on his name in baptism is when we come into his family.
Finally we take on he name of our Husbandman just as any bride would take on the name of her husband. What women is there that would claim to be married to another yet refuse her husbands name?
Our marriage to Christ places us in Christ. We are baptised into Christ or into his family in his name. All things are done in his name and baptism is the event of salvation done in Jesus name ( Acts 2:38 Colossians 3:17).


How Can Jesus be Both God and Man?

Q Why Did Jesus talk to God as if God was his Father and he was just a Son?

A Of course if he was just a Son we would have too many contradictions like Jesus forgiving sins, yet implying that God alone forgives sins. The pivotal truth of Christianity is God became flesh (1 Timothy 3;16) If he wasn’t God incarnate then Christianity is a fake religion! So why do we have
seemingly have contradictory scriptures where Jesus said “I thirst” and “I hunger” and he “rested a while!” If He was God with us?

Does God hunger does God thirst Does God need rest?  Of course right throughout the Old Testament this same LORD tells  he alone is God, so we have the LORD Jesus, the same LORD the only LORD, in the New Testament talking like a mere man! so why does he talk as a man if he’s

The answer lies in his dual nature. The duality of his being, him being both God and man allow him to suffer yet be our healer. His duality of nature allow him to die yet himself being the resurrection and the life. The duality of his nature allow him to thirst yet himself be the living water, the Holy Ghost that fills us all. The duality of nature allows him to be hungry yet he himself the bread of heaven that comes to every man. The dual nature allows him to be on earth yet speak as from heaven. The duality of nature allows him to be divine as well as human. The duality of nature allows him to be God while speaking as a Son.

Only Jesus can have the dual nature of both God and man



Receive it today
Impartation is God coming to you
Impartation. A fresh out-pouring of God’s anointing
Impartation. N ew oil upon your head. Fresh understanding of God’s direction
Impartation. A new wave of spiritual power manifested through spiritual gifts
Impartation. Spiritual breakthrough in hard places that which was barren becomes fertile and that which was invested becomes that which now manifests a harvest
Impartation. God’s overflow causing your breakthrough
Receive it today in Jesus name
Its yours!